UPDATED What’s on my iPhone, June 2019 /// TILLY JOAN


hey it’s it’s me and Fred
basically I’m back and I have purple hair which next week’s video they will
probably be gone that’s for y’all but anyway hi so today is going to be a
video that you guys have been requesting so much lately I don’t know why but you
just have been and that’s a updated what’s on my iPhone I think it’s because
I got a new phone you guys want to see what’s on this bad boy but yeah I mean
yeah I’m just gonna be going through my phone like I did last time if you guys
want to go check out my other one that I did not like maybe like a month ago
that’s Chuck I always do these in my videos I always like check you know I
don’t know what’s on my iPhone – two months ago whoa anyway I saw bangs that
that was a long time ago so yeah we’re gonna be doing anyone because why not
you know um anyway alright yeah I will have my phone up here so you
can see it and yeah let’s get started shall we
okay okay I’m just gonna start off with my phone case so as you guys watched my
last one I did have an animal print bone case from Target that was like a purple
like cheetah print it was really kind of cool but since I have a new phone I want
a new iPhone case duh and I saw this one I saw this one everywhere and I love it
and love it and it’s just a cow print by wildflower cases I love it by the way
I have the iPhone XS so fun little backstory basically my mom had a really
old phone and so she needed a new phone and she was like well I know you want
the iPhone X and so she was like how about I take your old phone and you get
a new phone and I was like okay so that’s why I got this phone and this is
my graduation present for graduating it’s great so there’s a lot of different
meanings behind it but anyway so that’s the reasoning behind that if you cared
at all which I don’t know if you did so yeah let’s start off with hitting the
record button so we all my phone up this is my lockscreen it it is
like a skateboard with shoes and I just I think it is so sweet and cool and sick
because I love skateboarding as you guys know so yeah that’s okay so if we just
uh come on get my face you know it doesn’t do this okay we swipe out this
is my home screen I don’t know if I’m recording okay so this is my home screen
it is just blue honestly I have so many apps that I need to get rid of okay
we’re just gonna go completely unfiltered here so it’s just this blue
background that like has no significance to it I just wanted a background and I
wanted it to be a color and I had it a pink color for a while and then I kind
of got sick of it so I turned it to blue so let’s just start off with my home
page it has a lot of apps on it a lot of these apps are the same so sorry about
it but starting at the top I have mail and I never use mail like never as you
can see anyway that I have my calendar then I have all my photos which is great
there’s a picture of me photos anyway then I have my camera one thing I love
about this phone is it has portrait mode so if you when I get fan say then I have
this pant pant own studio thing I never use this ice it’s aesthetically pleasing
to me I think I showed this last time I don’t even know what it does and then I
have YouTube which avi I wouldn’t I have a YouTube and then I have YouTube studio
which is basically all the behind the scenes stuff so like I can look at my
views or I can look at like how much money I’ve made or how many minutes I
have or I can look at y’all’s comments and reply then I have Netflix which if
you watch my last one I said this is my favorite app and it still is honestly I
it makes me really happy i I don’t know right now I’ve been watching Grey’s
Anatomy and the new episodes of Riverdale which are so good but I’m so
excited for season four what’s extras whoa what the heck whoa stranger things
my favorite thing in the whole entire world I’ve never seen this okay and not
is this like what then I have clock and the Weather Channel which is just
basically the weather app it’s not the actual weather app that the phone comes
with but it’s like better so it just tells me the weather where I am then I
have FaceTime which I never use FaceTime like never I just don’t use FaceTime
because let’s be real no one ever facetiming me so why would I use it then
I have my phone obviously and then I have the App Store I have my watch which
is for my Apple watch then I have Twitter which I never tweet anything but
I love Twitter I love looking at Twitter I know it’s kind of like low-key kind of
toxic and I’m also not very good I saw a Latin it was so good if you
haven’t seen it I suggest going and seeing it anyway I love Twitter but I
never use it then I have Safari settings and then I have a lifestyle packet
packet pocket I feel like they’re called pockets but I really don’t know I
remember when this update came out and you can do this it was kind of cool and
it was amazing and I loved it and I made every single app in a pocket like a just
everything was there so fun fact anyway so in here I have books google photos
which basically has all of my photos from like a really long time ago like
like oh let’s not look at my pony but like my cats from like a really long
time ago when I went to James Taylor but like it
just saves a bunch of photos from all the times that I’m library which is
basically all my scriptures that on my phone because I’m the I don’t want to
carry them around and this is just really easy to use and obviously it’s
updated but basically you just go and you can read the scriptures so yeah then
I have my notes iTunes store messenger Shazam
and then the CW app which is where I watch Riverdale watch Riverdale when it
was on actual live TV I watched it on the app because I wanted to watch it
which my book dude next year when it comes out then I have Google keep which
is basically a bunch of the second note things so like when I went to California
I had like a list that I didn’t even use I bitmoji Docs thriller I have a
thriller what I didn’t what I haven’t used thriller and so freakin
long this is all new and updated oh my gosh ok wait for them oh my gosh what the heck that’s so cute
okay I need it then I have breathe which is like a meditation thing and then I
have measure I’m gum Road which I get presets off of
rain rain which plays rain for me and flow which is a menstrual cycle track
then I have noon light which is basically it’s kind of cool and see if
you get kidnapped you can like you can hold down or it says hold until save and
if you let go and you don’t put in your safety code police are contacted and
sent your location then I have Gmail which is where I usually answer emails
and stuff and then I have editing which has all my different editing stuff so
like a.m. and then I have Lightroom which is where I mostly edit my pictures
now it is just like really simply then I have this VHS cam that just is like oh
my gosh then I have clips which I don’t really know what that is Cooney cam luma
graph Fuji Pinterest superimpose pic collage Jesco unfold will be over face
tuned to 1967 iMovie then I have time hop which I’m sure you guys know what
type hop is but like it’s basically an app where it shows you like memories
that I ever fuck they reflect me reflect reflect reflect light which is basically
like a diary for your phone and then I have a second a day which is like my
fate one of my favorite apps you basically just like put little snippets
and videos yesterday and then like you do a second a day get it then I have
messages which is where I message people then I have snapchat and then I have
insta anyway then I have Spotify which I love Spotify next page I have games
which I just have a basically a random random variety of games because I never
play games I’m meditation basically as mentioned
meditation apps then I have I watch apps and my Alexa app I don’t know then I
have these two app or Lord mint and Polaroids not something for a Polaroid I
have and I’m own random apps I have random part to which more random apps
then I might go it’s just like a cluster thing that I never used
I have drawing pad Facebook do lingo babble and sketchbook
don’t why do I have dope we’re deleting that okay we’re deleting dough we’re
deleting drawing up I think I know because I need to know the name of
something I don’t know we’re deleting sketchbook wait actually sketch what I
felt for deleting babble anyway then over here I have Hobby Lobby in sleep
stories I’m cut and it’s just random like that yeah that is my phone I hope
you guys enjoyed looking at my phone and the things that’s capable of doing
aren’t these videos so weird like you guys want to know what’s on my phone
like that’s so weird why believe it’s interesting so anyway um that is it for
today’s video I hope you guys enjoyed if you did make sure to give this video a
thumbs up and subscribe if you’re new and I love you guys so so much and don’t
fit you know step busting your butt see you next week what’s on my iphone,whats on my iphone,whats on my iphone xs,iphone xs,whats on my phone,whats on my iphone xs max,what’s on my iphone xs,what’s on my iphone xs max,iphone xs max,iphone,whats on my iphone 2019,what’s on my iphone xr,what is on my iphone,what’s on my iphone 2019,what’s on my phone,whats on my iphone x,iphone x,what’s on my iphone xs 2019


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    June 7, 2019 8:01 pm

    if ur looking for her wallpaper of the skateboard just go on safari or google and type in pink aesthetic skateboard and scroll down

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    June 7, 2019 11:24 pm

    wait wait u got an xs for gradiuating 8th grade WTF MY MOM DOESNT WANT TO GET ME THE XR AND I GRADUATED 8TH GRADEEE😭

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    June 8, 2019 9:53 am

    @Tilly Joab what should I get (from wildflower) the check one or the cow one ?? Loveee the videooo 💜

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    July 19, 2019 4:07 am

    here’s a tip: instead of using piccollage, since it has a watermark and everything, you should try out Picsart. its so many types of editing for pictures in one and it has no watermarks or anything and they have super cool fonts and stuff.

    no, this is not an add lmao i just really like the app


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