Video 185: Q&A Session #39

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Welcome to another Q&A Session! We continue getting good questions, so we
hop you’ll enjoy this one. Please continue sending in questions to us
at [email protected] We can’t guarantee that everybody’s questions
will be addressed, but we are doing our best to answer as many as possible. So, let’s start… QUESTION 1: In Q&A Video #38 you mentioned
in the last Question of the Video that the split of the original whole Souls on to the
different timelines in the original Experiment might have been enough for the Queen to get
along with the Experiment. But in previous videos I understood that this
Fragmentation or Soul Splitting was done by the Overlords by traumatising the originals
souls in order to be able to control them more effectively. Did I get something wrong? ANSWER: Thanks for giving us the opportunity
to answer this. This will be a long answer, but that’s OK. In the Original Experiment on Tiamaat, the
Queen basically split Her OWN soul in x number of individual souls, you could say, and each
soul then inhabited a Namlu’u (human) body. That was the first splitting of soul energy. Thus, we are all brothers and sisters. The second splitting happened when took
over. He took each individual soul and split her
into x number of copies and placed them in different time periods here on Earth. Thus, you have an unknown number of soul splinters
delegated to different bodies in different time periods. All these lives are played out simultaneously,
over and over, as explained in recent videos, but you are not aware of your counterparts
because of amnesia and because each of your splinters is inhabiting its own body, where
their focus goes. We are using terms like soul-splitting, splinters,
and fractalization in our videos and because we lack a clearly defined set of terms or
words for these concepts, we often use the same words when describing them. When we talk about soul-splitting in regard
to trauma, what we are describing is the fracture of the soul. This creates splits in personality in which
these different aspects of ourselves are unaware of each other and keep us locked into emotional
states. When we get “triggered” by abusers or
events in our lives, often one of these personality fractals or “soul-splits” comes to the
surface, such as an aspect of our inner child, which then reacts with fear or emotion that
gets released due to not being able to discern whether or not we are in a present moment
or a past moment. For example, if you experienced the trauma
of a house fire when you were a child, you probably felt a lot of fear. As an adult, you may become triggered or experience
an emotional flashback when you smell smoke that reminds you of that traumatic event. Rationally, you, as an adult, know that your
house is not on fire. However, the aspect of you that experienced
that house fire was traumatized by the event and therefore remains “stuck” in that
particular “time”. When you smelled the smoke, that child and
her reactions are the ones that play out as a PTSD event. That aspect of you that is still a child is
a fractal or a fracture of your personality, or soul, which becomes reactive because that
child-aspect “thinks” it is experiencing the fire again. The emotions will feel the same. This is a grand example of something that
happens to people in a more discreet way when they have been subjected to narcissistic or
emotionally abusive relationships. In these relationships, the PTSD is not attributed
to one singular, traumatic event, but rather a slow boil of constant, covert, and low-level
emotional abuse that happens on a daily basis over a period of years. This is known as COMPLEX PTSD or CPTSD. When subjected to this type of manipulation,
the soul-fracturing occurs in multiple events over a long period of time that create multiple
fragments, or soul disconnections, that are constantly triggered by daily life. The splitting of soul aspects for insertion
into multiple, simultaneous lives is a different concept although we used the same words. Our language is limited in the choices of
how we can describe these things. We hope you are able to distinguish the difference,
now. Thank you for this opportunity to make it
more clear. QUESTION 2: Hidden Hand – The Illuminati insider
from GLP (Godlike Productions) kept stating the following quote a number of times throughout
that thread: “The future affects the past.” What did he/she mean by that? How can that be? Does the future really affect the past? ANSWER: This relates to Question 1. Think of all time on Earth being simultaneous. What you do in this life affects things you
do in other simultaneous lives, whether these are in the past or in the future because you
are all energetically connected. If your future self makes a certain decision,
it might affect a decision you do in the life you experience now. Look at the timeline as something that was
already created from beginning to end when set up this Construct. Each of your simultaneous lifetimes can be
viewed as containers placed across this long timeline, and the life you perceive now might
just be in the middle of this timeline. Each aspect of you is living their life over
and over in their own container on the timeline. It’s a little more complicated than that
if we start discussing parallel and alternative timeline, but we won’t go into that in this
particular answer. QUESTION 3: When you exit the Grid, do you
lose your human identity and you feel like you are pure energy? ANSWER: We do not know what it will feel like
when we leave this reality. The closest we can possibly come to understanding
our true nature is to have out of body experiences. To learn more about those, we would suggest
researching and studying experts in this field such as Robert Monroe, William Buhlman, Jonathan
Dilas and Shiva Suraya. The last two names, Jonathan and Shiva, have
been practicing and documenting their out of body travels for decades and have experienced
the grid and its holes. Their information is new to us and we are
researching it right now. Unfortunately, most of their information is
given in German, but some members of our forum have been working on translating it. If you are interested, you are welcome to
visit the forum to see if any of their information can give you a better answer. What we do know is that you keep the individuality/identity
you have when you exit. The other aspects of you, distributed along
the lines of time will then join you and become experiences inside you. So, you keep being yourself but in an expanded
mode because you also add all other soul aspects that are also you nto your soul memory. You have now become Whole again. QUESTION 4: I remember in one of your videos
you said that the Higher Self communicates through intuition, synchronicities, and doesn’t
use words. When I meditate and connect with my higher
self that way, I will get a feeling, like you said, but it quickly translates into a
full sentence. So I FEEL what’s being relayed, but then I
also “hear” it as well. Could this be another way one’s higher self
communicates or is this another deception? ANSWER: No, this is not a deception. This is your conscious mind trying to interpret
the information you are receiving. We can’t help doing this. This is why it is so important for remote
viewers to learn how to turn off the conscious mind when they do their work. Information comes in and then the conscious
mind will try to interpret that information in a way that makes sense to us. It’s normal and a natural part of our being. When you communicate with your Higher Self,
the reply comes back as a concept (package), without words, voice, or train of thoughts—just
a concept. Then, you interpret this with your 3-D mind,
and that will be experienced as full sentences, thoughts, and sometimes as words or voices. But it always starts with a package. In the KHAA, non-physical beings send concept
packages back and forth that will NOT be translated into words, etc. by the receiver. The receiver just “gets it” and understands
it, based on her experiences. QUESTION 5: In the movie “Groundhog Day,”
the main character is in the town where the famous groundhog predicts an early spring
or more winter. This main character has a real disdain for
reporting this fluff story but simply goes through the motions. Afterward, the main character finds himself
stuck in a time loop reliving the day over and over and over until he makes some significant
changes in his outlook on life. I’ve read in the past this movie is a prime
example of the wheel and coming back to the same life over and over. Would you say this is a perfect example of
The Wheel? It seems to describe it to a “T.”
ANSWER: From what you are describing, it’s right on! So, our answer is yes! This is a very good example of our life wheel. QUESTION 6: When you talked about the Advanced
Humans and Enki’s Ascension Program, do they go after those who are awakened and know exactly
what’s going on within the Construct with a vengeance when one dies? I would think we’d be very likely targets
and they’ll be hovering over us like used-car salespeople at a car lot. ANSWER: The Overlords control us mainly via
the chakra system, as explained in Video 184—the video just before this one. We feed them information through the chakras,
which were hijacked by the gods. They don’t go after awakening souls—
wants souls to “evolve.” Not because he wants us to exit through the
Grid, but because he wants us to advance within HIS Ascension Program. This Construct/Patrix is’s universe,
where he is playing God, and we are his “children.” Instead of us being created by the Queen, copied and distorted this fact and put himself as God in Her place. From what we understand, those who have advanced
to a higher level or position within this construct are given the task to become teachers
and guides for humanity. They are benevolent in their mission and are
not aware of the deception that we, and they, are participating in. We aren’t “targets” like you describe
here, in a malicious manner, and we who are awake are no more or less targeted by them
when we die than any other person. EVERYONE who dies will at some point or another
be confronted by those who have been given this task to guide an individual to the next
appropriate stage for their learning, whether that is another trip back to the physical
reality for another incarnation or some other reality experience. Yes, they will be relentless and very persuasive,
but it is not with any malice or evil intent on their part. Their agenda is to get you to come with them. They won’t do that by trying to scare you. On the contrary, the experience most people
have of the nonphysical realms is a very peaceful and beautiful existence. The goal is to get you to stay, after all,
and that’s by your own choice. To try and use any forceful or intimidating
tactics would create the opposite effect, and based on their level of consciousness,
it would go against their own development to display this kind of behavior. QUESTION 7: I’d like to get information on
expanding our consciousness. Does this really apply to us spirited beings? Is there a material I could learn more about
this? ANSWER: Our souls were born on Tiamaat, long
before the Invasion. Whatever we learned there, we brought with
us in here, although we now have amnesia. We are creator gods already, and even though
we were planetary bound on Tiamaat, we could also travel through the KHAA (the Greater
Universe) by using our minds. So, we ARE already evolved and are of high
consciousness. However, it’s good, for many reasons, to
learn more about this Construct and the KHAA already now because it will be easier for
us after we’ve exited. From having lived in the Patrix for so long,
we have adopted a lot of beliefs and belief systems that will not be beneficial for us
to bring with us into the KHAA. The more of those we can get rid of while
still here in the Patrix, the better. It’s not mandatory that we do that, but
it will benefit us long-term. At least, you need to get to the point where
you are completely determined to go through the Grid without any hesitation, if going
through the Grid is what you want to do, of course. QUESTION 8: Do you feel the need to revisit
the whole castration of the Enki /Osiris story? […] Was the “O-sirius [Osiris] Castration
Myth” just another allegory for something else? […] I mean, I don’t believe a shape-shifting
being would need a penis. ANSWER: I don’t feel I need to revisit this
incident. Yes, it is real and it’s literal. It’s true that doesn’t need any
genitals in his non-physical form, but he also has a physical body, although slightly
out of phase with this reality (in another density). The castration was both physical and non-physical. Sexuality is a force of creation and reproduction. So, you can say that Ninurta stripped him
of some creative abilities. Regardless of which body he takes, can’t
have sex anymore, unless that part of his creative abilities is handed back to him. QUESTION 9: Maybe you are aware of other sources
like “Naughty Beaver” or Gosha (cosmic agency) with Swaru from the Tygetans.. In their explanations, the invader force came
from Orion and the liberation force comes from the Pleiadies. I always get confused when I hear this, because
if I go back to Orion, after leaving the Grid, I don’t want to get back to the wrong location…In
a previous Video you mentioned that you sometimes consider the insights from Aluna Ash. She has incredible information, but she mentioned
long ago that the “Withe Dragons” are the force behind all what is energetically happening
with us (the ones recognizing it). And the Dragons come from Orion? ANSWER: This is why we need to use our discernment
and intuition. After having gathered information from different
sources, what feels more plausible? What connects the most dots, etc.? That is something people can only do individually. If you take the answer we gave to a previous
question about advanced humans who have progressed into the nonphysical levels of this construct
to continue their development as teachers or guides, then we would consider most of
this external information as coming from these nonphysical beings. This would be an explanation for any race
of ETs that is connecting with humans here to give messages. There are physical and nonphysical realities
that still exist completely within our construct. The physical reality we know as Earth is not
the only reality simulation that exists within’s experiment. There may be beings who are participating
in one of these realities and therefore are identifying themselves as “coming from”
such a place, when in fact, they are still within the matrix and unaware of their own
entrapment. They are giving information from THEIR perspective
and doing their job to advance humans in their development of consciousness. This may be a job or task they have been assigned. In the situation with highly intuitive and
psychic people, such as Aluna, she is always very clear to tell those who listen to her
information that these are HER experiences and HER interpretations. Her willingness to share what she experiences
is meant to benefit those who feel drawn to it, but it is always best to remember that
her interpretations are meant for her. What is relevant in her information for one
person may not be for another. Dragons, or the interpretation of such a symbol
or energetic thoughtform, may mean something different for her than it does for you. This does not mean that it is a deception. It just means that Aluna’s information is
tuned to Aluna’s vibration in a way for her to interpret it for HER experience. As she often says, “Take what resonates
and discard the rest.” We think this is very good advice. As for where to go when you leave here. You don’t have to go anywhere. If you are confused or unsure, just wait until
you have a better understanding of your current environment and then you can make a conscious
decision. We think the best intention to make is just
to go “out” rather than having a specific location in mind, like a point on a map. We don’t know how things work outside of
here and we feel that it might be best to acclimate and understand our new state of
being before attempting anything else. We will regain our memory when we leave here,
and there may need to be some period of adjustment to those memories as we remember who we are. There’s no rush to decide anything. QUESTION 10: The ascended beings like the
so-called Masters, High frequency guides, Angels, etc. that had previously shed most
of their Light Bodies have a much more expanded view of the Universe compared to us, stuck
in 3D with amnesia. That would supposedly be easier for them to
figure out the spiritual deception of Enki’s plan. It’s hard to believe they fell for this
deception. But assuming they are a more “evolved and
conscious” part of us, if we manage to exit the Grid, why would they not merge with us
and escape the Patrix too, considering that our conscious choices affect all parts of
ourselves at the same time? ANSWER: Once you pass through the tunnel of
light after death, as all these advanced humans have done, the option to escape is no longer
available. In fact, we suspect even the knowledge to
leave this construct is no longer available. By advancing into the nonphysical levels of
reality, you go even deeper into the machine, so to speak. Your focus changes. Your tasks and development changes course. They have no more clue about an existence
beyond this patrix than we do, in fact, we can say that we are a step ahead of them in
our own knowledge of this solution. For them, their only way “out” is to advance
through the levels of development until they reach the graduation point, at which it is
almost certain that they still do not leave. is supposed to release the graduated
souls back to the KHAA, but he has not. So, while there may have been a few who managed
to advance successfully all the way to graduation (and this takes even longer than our millennia
of Earth incarnations!), we suspect that he is holding onto those souls for an agenda
of some type that is not in our best interest. When we leave this patrix, we effectively
withdraw our consciousness from it, and this will include any aspects of consciousness
that have been focused in other “areas”. We do not know how this happens, exactly,
but we have been assured that IF this is a problem, it will be taken care of and there
is a solution for it. has organized his structure so it fits
his Agenda, and no one is supposed to figure out where they are in relation to the KHAA
and Orion. But you’re correct in that if some other
soul aspect of the “Ascended Master,” still being an incarnated soul on Earth, will
exit the Grid, the Ascended Master aspect of that soul will either automatically follow
through the Grid, or if not, the soul that exits will get help retrieving the hijacked
soul aspects of herself that are still in this Construct—including the Ascended Master. If ONE soul aspect exits, it’s considered
being enough so the Queen can retrieve the rest of the soul energy without breaking the
law of freewill. QUESTION 11: Can you tell us certain methods
to stop reacting from the artificial soul and be in touch with more of our real soul/spirit? ANSWER: Yes! Thank you for asking this question! The simple and complex answer to this is to
learn what your fears are and what created them. Become aware of your emotional state, especially
anger, fear, and sadness. Dive deep into what is making you feel that
way and why. Make a determined effort to overcome those
issues, and more and more of your true self will begin to emerge. Learn about the triggers we mentioned earlier. Learn that a state of anxiety and fear is
not a natural state of being. It is one that has been induced and trained
in you. There are many, many good practices for overcoming
and healing from this trauma. Two that we can suggest are Richard Grannon
and Pete Walker. Once you begin with those, you will find your
way to others. Pay attention to things that come into your
awareness. Often, when we embark on this journey to heal,
we will be given the information we need by intuition. Pick the ones that feel best to you and always
be willing to use more than one source as different methods work better than others
depending on where you are in your healing. In other words, we need to learn how to distinguish
between the genuine soul (you) and the reactive soul (Synthetic soul). A crucial start on that journey is to educate
ourselves on narcissism versus codependency (see our YouTube Playlist on Narcissism). Not until that is done, and we have gotten
rid of abusive people in our lives, or when that’s not possible, we’ve learned how
to handle the situation, can we incrementally find our true self again. Learn when you are reactive instead of proactive,
like we mentioned in our previous video number 184. When you want to be reactive in a more or
less uncontrolled manner, stop yourself and make a conscious decision to ACT instead of
REacting. Over time, your Synthetic soul will be less
and less powerful and the true you will regain control instead of the reactive, artificial


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