Voice Teacher Reacts to Marcelito Pomoy – The Prayer (AGT)


Hi everyone. Andy Davis here again from
Master of Voice, a channel with reactions to performers from across the world. In
this episode, another reaction to Filipino singer Marcelito Pomoy. Except
this time his performance on America’s Got Talent: The Champions season. Now we have already reacted to this song, “The Prayer”, which is
totally beautiful and we know what’s coming. But, I’m excited to see his
performance on this show and see what the judges had to say. I’m so excited for
him and I hope he does well. Let’s jump right in. They’re stunned already. This is gorgeous already. We know he
performs this song so well up in his countertenor voice. Just so nicely
produced. It’s a bit held back into the mouth just a bit as far as the vowels
because that’s the way he is controlling this voice. And, of course, he learned to
sing this song from the Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli version and I just
really enjoy hearing him do it. Of course, they led into him singing with his back
story and I didn’t know a lot of that. I knew that he had a lot of hardships
growing up but I didn’t know that he basically found his family during the
time that he was on and won Philippines Got Talent.
So, that is such a heartwarming story and even met his wife through the process. He
seems like such a humble guy and we’re all just rooting for him of course. You know, I just enjoy this so much. You
can tell the difference in vowel placement between the two voices. The
upper countertenor voice is placed just a bit forward – a little bit of a brighter
sound – although still back as far as when I consider what a countertenor quality
where it would sit for a lot of people. But, it is more forward than, of course,
this nice baritone Andrea Bocelli voice that comes out of him. I’m still amazed
though at his ability to flip back and forth between them so easily and so
consistently. So, it’s just really a cool feat. And, of course, the audience and the
judges are just stunned in amazement as we knew they would be. I love it! I love it so much. He’s so talented and
I’m eager to see other songs by him. So, we’ll see what the judges say at the end
or what the audience votes. I hope they voted him through. He has such a talent
and I am glad that he did this song, though, because this is what he is famous
for a lot on the internet worldwide and so why not lead with that to ensure that
you can get through, hopefully, to the next rounds. Wow!! That is so cool. I’ll be right back after
I see what the judges had to say. Okay, very cool. So, they were very
complimentary of him as we knew they would be but I wish that he wasn’t first
so they could have used the golden buzzer. I really think he was worthy of
that and then after watching the rest of the episode I really think he deserved
the golden buzzer and that it was wasted by Simon who stole it from Howie. This
show kind of gets me sometimes. I don’t know that I’m a huge fan of this show to be quite honest. I am so glad, though, that talents like Marcelito and
Angelina from last week are being able to expose their talent to a larger
audience especially here in the United States. I am so excited for them and I am
thankful and so happy that Marcelino moved on to the semifinal round. I’m
eager to see what he does and I know he’s going to put out something as
equally awesome and maybe new to all of us. So, that is cool and I’m eager to see
it. I hope you enjoyed this reaction. If you did, please click like and hit
subscribe, leave me a comment down below and, as always, I hope you all just have a
great day.


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  1. Master of Voice

    January 15, 2020 12:18 am

    My first reaction to Marcelito's "The Prayer": https://youtu.be/UnIEAz2azZA
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  2. Mella V

    January 15, 2020 12:18 am

    This was one of my favorite auditions 💖 you should react to some spanish rock like "Esta Vez" or "Eres" by Cafe Tacuba!


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