Wayne Dyer: Your Mind is a Powerful Thing (Wayne Dyer Meditation)


WAYNE DYER: Have a mind that is open to everything
and attached to nothing one of the central principles of my life is that no
one knows enough to be a pessimist about anything and that each and every one of
us when we close our mind to what is possible for us or what is possible for
Humanity closes off the genius that resides and lives in each and every one
of us having an open mind doesn’t necessarily mean finding fault with all
of the things that you’ve been taught by others it means opening yourself up to
the potentiality and the possibility that anything and everything is possible
so having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing
really means finding within ourselves the ability to get rid of a trait that I
find so common in contemporary in the contemporary world do you know that most
people that I meet spend their lives looking for occasions to be offended
they actually are out there hoping that they can find some reason to be offended
and there’s no shortage of reasons they’re out there everywhere the way
this person dressed of what the worst person said they turn on their TV they
hear the news they’re offended by this someone didn’t someone use language that
they didn’t like someone doesn’t share the same customs at you and people all
day long in fact if you keep track tomorrow you will find probably a
hundred reasons that you can go around being offended but a mind that is open
to everything and attached to nothing is a mind that says I’m never looking for
anything to be offended by and that whatever anybody else out there has to
say my response to that is that’s an interesting point of view
I’ve never considered that before I mean it’s that whole thing that the
dow teaches us isn’t it that out of the invisible ‘no sout of the no thingness
out of the space that has no name it’s the space that’s doing nothing but
leaving nothing undone the dow does nothing and leaves nothing undone and
you you are from the dow I’d like to just for a few moments speak about one
more thought I’d like to see you work at changing to change the thought from
notice me notice me to what loud sue loves who calls living in obscurity
becoming more obscure we live in a celebrity obsessed world normally look
at me notice me the dow teaches something completely the opposite listen
to the 66 verse of the dow water again the sea stays low and because the sea
stays low all of the rivers and all of the streams empty into it because it
stays humble because it stays in that place of just allowing everything to
come to you he was trying to teach us the important lesson of letting what we
know is coming come to us I practiced this so much more now in my life than I
did at one time I can remember years ago I was I had written a book called your
erroneous zones back in the 70s and it stayed on the New York Times bestseller
list for something like twenty seven months and each many weeks it would be
number one and then it would go down to number three and then it would go to two
more two and down to seven and all of that and I was doing The Tonight Show in
those days on a regular basis and so many of the
other shows that Merv Griffin and Phil Donahue and Dinah Shore I became like a
regular on the Dinah Shore I was like you know hobnobbing with Burt Lancaster
folks and they’re you know just and what you do is you call and find out where
you appear on the the bestseller list for the following week on Wednesday so
you call up on Wednesday not for the Sunday coming up but for the following
week and I called home and my ego was pretty strong and I was very much into a
lot of notice me I I really believe that true nobility is not about being better
than anyone else now it’s it’s about being better than you used to be and I
think I’m better than I used to be and just about I mean I know that I’m better
than I used to be in every quality or every characteristic that I hold to be
valuable but in those days I was in to notice me and I called home and I had
trained my wife to call the New York Times she had this special number that
she could call and with a certain code and she could find out where I was going
to appear on the bestseller list the following week so I called her up and I
said where am I on the bestseller Knicks next week you know out in California
doing something and she said you’re not on the bestseller list I said what are
you talking about I was number one on the bestseller list last week I said my
even my voice changed what has been what do you mean I’m not on the
bestseller list she said you’re not on the bestseller list I’m sorry she said
your book is on the bestseller big distinction there isn’t between
believing that this is me and recognizing that you can let go a little
bit of that listen to verse 66 of the DA why is the C king of a hundred streams
because it lies below them humility gives it its power that’s a
very important principle to understand and I live on the ocean right next to it
it’s my front yard and always I watch it to learn something from this thing
called the ocean which is the most powerful source of life that we have on
the planet without it there’s no life on this planet and
because it stays low so what does this have to say to us do you have the
capacity to get past that ego need to always be saying notice me
look how important I am I mean there’s been a proliferation of this lately with
this celebrity silly stuff isn’t it I mean CNN is doing you know full hour
shows on on silly little things about what happened to this particular
celebrity or what happened to that celebrity and the celebrities never even
done anything and it’s so there’s all of us talked about and all of the new
magazines I mean and you look you go into it through an airport and you look
on the newsstand and all the same photos just with different magazines I don’t
even know what what the names of all of them are but there’s like this huge
market now that we have for people to get into a state of notice me notice me
notice me and how much do we train our young people particularly in our schools
and so on that the one who is the star is the one who gets the most attention
the one who is the most important and the most valuable is the one that has
the most people liking them and so on this constant obsession with needing to
be noticed when in fact what I have found for myself is the the happiest
moments of my life are when I can do low and slow and not have anybody out
there even know what I’m doing to be able to I mean Louise never would have
advertised the fact of some of the things I talked about with her
generosity she does it anonymously it’s almost always done in those ways no look
at me look and notice me how important I am and so on so much to learn from that
kind of wisdom from that kind of interconnection to the Dow the ability
and the willingness to say to do it anonymously to say that you can just get
done almost anything that you want to get done if you don’t become obsessed
with taking credit for remember the movie the magnificent obsession the
movie made back I think in the 50s and it was really about what was the
magnificent obsession it was the ability to be able to give anonymously
what is Alcoholics Anonymous it is everybody stays anonymous nobody has a
title there’s not even anybody in charge there’s nobody there’s no leaders of
this there’s no President there’s no Vice President there’s no organization
there’s no it’s just here’s here’s a group of people who just want to help
other people whose lives are out of control
so here’s a meeting place and you come and some one day somebody will will
chair it and then somebody else another day will chair it and one of the things
I found it when I attend one of these meetings is that I feel you’ll see so
many people who are down trodden who feel as if their life has passed them by
who looked like they don’t have any teeth they haven’t shaved there they’re
dirty they’re God in disguise mother Theresa was asked a question
about what she does when she was in Calcutta and she said every day every
day I see Jesus Christ in all of his distressing disguises all of his
distressing disguises that you can see this source you can see the dial you can
see it when particularly in those who are the most obscure the most
isolated from everyone else and whenever I go to one of those meetings and I hear
people get up and they tell their stories they I always I feel that I feel
there’s so much presence of the source of God of spirit of lao-tzu of this of
the sort of Dow whatever you want to call it in one of those meetings then
I’ve ever felt in any Church I’ve never felt the presence of it more and I
encourage you any of you watching this right now go to one of those meetings
you don’t have to be an alcoholic you don’t have to no I’m not an alcoholic I
don’t call myself an alcoholic I was never out of control
I drank but I wasn’t out of control and I but I still go to those meetings I
have people in my own family that have struggled with addiction and I go with
them and I sit there and I listen to those stories and I just I get shivers
down my back when I think about how beautiful it is to be in the presence of
people all they want to do is help each other there’s a movie called my name is
Bill W James Woods playing Jim Carney James Garner is and and he his life just
got totally out of control with addictions totally out of control and
then he went to a he he went to one of these meetings and he began to realize
and he said we can we can actually take these these people and all we have to do
is all we have to do is love them all we have to do is off and he’s so excited
about the concept of being able to go out there and and offer it and I keep
referring to Louise because she’s such a hero to me there was a time back in the
80s when our president wasn’t even able to say the word AIDS Wednesday I mean he
could come on and here was this Leahy who before this thing became the
worldwide phenomenon that it is was having meetings in her own house and
going and bringing these people these downtrodden people who had been labelled
outcasts in society and offering them a place to learn how to love each other
and to care for each other this was long before there was any celebrity state
status associated with trying to end this horrible crisis that
our country has in our world has had there was James Wood so excited about
the idea of we can create a place where we’re anonymous nobody has to know
anything about us we don’t have to say our names we don’t have to say anything
we just have to come there and we can help each other and before that happened
everybody who got out of control with addictions particularly with alcohol
would would die there was no cure there was no cure and where did they find
their cure they found it in being anonymous they found it in being obscure
they found it in having no organization they found it in having no elected
representative they founded it having no rules
there are no rules you just come and we care if you’ve been one day or one hour
sober or even if you’re drunk you come we care about you and you are not that
alcohol who you are is this divine soul in the 36th verse of the doubters that
doubted saying it says the gentle outlast the strong the obscure outlast
the obvious try to become a little more obscure a little less interfering a
little less notice me a little less you know one of the specific kinds of things
that you can do is just as you’re about when somebody else is talking just as
you’re about to interject what you’ve been thinking about for the whole time
waiting for them to stop talking just to just stop and to bite your tongue and
say tell me more well that’s very interesting I have never heard that
point of view before even if they totally completely disagree with
everything that you stand for to be to be willing to listen to being able to
stop practice it I practiced it when I did these verses of the Dow I practiced
it every single day while I was working on that just staying obscure and for me
that’s not always so easy because of just being recognized wherever I go and
if I saw someone was about to recognize me I would just put my head down I just
walk a little bit past them like something right now I just want to be
anonymous right now I want to be obscure the Dow says storms always
verse 23 fierce winds don’t blow all morning a downpour of rain doesn’t last
all day who does this heaven and earth you’re already connected to everything
you want or need it will come to you at the exact perfect time as the rivers and
the streams come to the ocean at the perfect time and place you kind of trust
you gotta know it’s going to come to you you don’t have to chase after it you can
become a little less obsessed with your ego and your self-importance and who you
are and what you’ve done and you can get so much more done and you know what it’s
the most peaceful and sweet delicious way it’s like the song that Cecilia was
singing about the rose and at this point exercising and being trim is just what I
am I am trimness I’m not trying to get there when I gave up caffeine I stopped
looking for the method to give it up and became the treatment and no longer was
the poison what I’m really saying is that that is not me anymore and you
don’t have to go through any pain and suffering in order to get there it
automatically becomes a response that your body when you start conditioning
when you put lots of water in your body and flush it out and keep it clean that
comes from a premise of self-love and some of these principles that I talked
about earlier


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  1. Dee P

    July 29, 2019 1:21 pm

    SIP😥😢….The Master Motivator, I hear his voice and get choked up…Mr. Dyer- one of the best to ever roam this earth❤💯

  2. Michael Henderson

    July 29, 2019 5:18 pm

    I get the anomalous part but no rules with people can be dangerous people cause the world is evil

  3. Naomi Buskila

    July 31, 2019 7:49 am

    Thank you for sharing this!!! I grew up in Detroit like Wayne! I love his message. I am adopting this message- cultivate a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing!!!!

  4. yshk viswanatham

    August 7, 2019 2:28 pm

    On call so many times say no call from to there how can I believe on you you are 1000 times you can fail if I will give the chance to you. You have no helping g nature you fail I never fail in my life. Keep it in your mind .

  5. Graham John Baker

    August 12, 2019 10:10 pm

    very moving I am a strong believer in the power of the mind although development should be gradual we are spirit beings having a physical experience not the other way round in addition man is a fourfold being having a physical body mental body soul body and spirit body all are connected ideally should work in harmony however this is often more easily said than done

  6. alejandro perez

    August 14, 2019 7:59 am

    The last 2 nights I had trouble to get sleep; but these time (almost 2am) I decided to Wake up and find miself in these beautiful video with the máster. Kind like he was calling me to get my lessons. Cheers + love to everyone from Guatemala.

  7. Beeblebrox One

    August 19, 2019 4:32 pm

    Letting what happens happen is idealist not reality, how long would these gurus tolerate a disruptive person in a talk, but they preach accepting the moment/all. It's not the reality of how they would be if someone kept shouting out at them in a talk etc.


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