Web developer & CEO, Hjörtur’s Meditation Story

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for me I mean I’ve been doing the meditation for one-and-a-half year I already knew some Koreans and they told me about the main sector so it hasn’t either been a big surprise for me it’s just better than I expected actually like level of you know quality and the lectures and you know how how people are really passionate about the method I mean we’ve always I mean we had a really good life you know you know we have you know had good kids you know we I have a really good wife have you we always had money but still you know always had had these worries and these like thoughts about the the past and the future like worrying about the future and stuff stuff like that so I mean I didn’t start them at it I didn’t realize it when I started the meditation that I mean I just started it because I had some stress in me and and that I had seen how well that affected it to my wife I tried it out and already like in the first week I firstly like more I had more focus like doing my job like more focus more relaxed I just could sleep all night so that was only after like few weeks of meditation the deeper you go into the meditation them the method the method that actually will show you how you are from a much bigger perspective than yourself it’s really hard to see yourself as yourself so the method has this way of showing you yourself from a bigger perspective and then you get reflect on yourself how you actually are and you see things in yourself yeah I think definitely and also just more relaxed I just feel like I feel better within myself I think that’s the best way to put it so yeah and more focused I mean I I work with computers and and it’s important to have patient and like really be able to like focus throughout the day I mean I work with my hat the whole day so it’s so important to be able to to like just be relaxed within yourself not always trying to move not always thinking about something else just stay put and it the meditation is definitely helping with that it’s your life just becomes better just believe me it will so I just recommend people to try it out like try out start I mean level one try that and see how it feels it you will know after level one you


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