Web of light and love – heart centered guided meditation

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Hello, today we’re gonna do something
different and this video isn’t going to be limited to five minutes. It’s going to be as
long as it’s going to be. But today I wanted to share a guided meditation that I
call ‘the web of light and love’. Now this is something I learned early in my
spiritual search…early 90s…and I really enjoyed it.
I’ve done it many times. I’ve actually shared it with other groups. Actually…
typically, it is done as a group. And this will make more sense after everything…
after you go through it once, but you would usually start with people across
from you…and around around you…and you would start with the group first. And
then go out in the world, but in this instance I’m going to do the guided
meditation from the standpoint of it just me and you.
There’s just you and so you’re gonna be doing it virtually. So…and so, I’m gonna
modify it slightly. Now I know that I usually talk about non-duality and
enlightenment. This is a spiritual practice, but I wouldn’t get too caught
up on that. It’s something to play with. I find that in the interest of
spreading love, truth, harmony, and unity… this is a good guided meditation to just
occasionally get very heart centered and spread love.
So get very comfortable first…you know… seated and get comfortable. Now
also take note of the number of times this video has been viewed. I’m going to
refer to it later. But I think that as the video is watched and people go through
the guided…that more and more people go through the guided meditation, it’s kind
of like a snowball rolling down a hill. It gets bigger and with more momentum as
it progresses…so. But here we go. So, get very relaxed. Eyes closed would
probably be best, but get very, very centered in the heart chakra or the
heart area. So it’s between the breasts… center of the chest. And for me it’s…it’s
always warm and light. And so it’s just focusing on that…feeling that… and slowly breathing. Now let’s start with the easiest for
this – which would be your closest family and friends. The people you truly cherish
and already love. Imagine one of them… just pick one. And then in your mind’s
eye see them standing before you; and it’s almost like drawing out a
thread. Like…in a way…how a spider would create a web by drawing web of
itself. But you basically pull out a strand or offer a strand of light and
love from the heart to the other person. And you offer it, you don’t force it upon
them…this isn’t aggressive. But you offer a thread of light and love to them…and… you’ll probably get the sense that they
accept it and it connects your hearts. Heart to heart via this web of light and
love. Pick another person you love and again repeat extending a thread of
light and love from your heart to your loved one. Friend…family…whomever. Now after a few you might be able to
start pulling off groups at a time. You can think of say your entire family and
offer them all…simultaneously…individual threads of light and love. And whether
they accept it or not…is not so important. It’s offered. As we progress
you may get the sense it’s not accepted by some people that’s offered to as we
progress in this meditation. That doesn’t matter.
It’s simply offered…unconditionally…a thread of light and love from the heart.
Unconditionally offered. And if accepted…goes to their heart and
connects the two of you. So you might have gone through parents,
siblings, friends, teachers, people you know on respect. But basically, people you know. Now in the interests of introducing the
whole meditation I’m not gonna…I’m a move on. You may need more people…you may
have other people you want to offer…go through this meditation a few times.
Learn the process and continue offering. But now let’s move on to people you
don’t know. You haven’t met them. Perhaps start with me. You probably don’t know me
personally, but offer a thread of light and love
from your heart to me…as I offer one to you. And in accepting it, our hearts are
connected. Now go to other people that you don’t
know….just…maybe neighbors. You may have seen their face once, but you don’t know them.
People that you bumped into in business. You’ve seen them…you could identify them
in a crowd, but you don’t you really don’t know them. But just offer a threat
of light and love. Unconditionally. And if they accept it…that’s fine. If they don’t
accept it…that’s fine… move on. And so in your circle, because you’re
becoming the center of this network of webs…you included those that you know
and those that you don’t know. Now… perhaps your finding it’s rather easy
and and actually feels quite good to…in
good faith…just offer light and love to people you really don’t know. But now
let’s move on to….let’s expand the circle. So wherever you’re located…or
if you’re at home. Let’s say you’re at home. Just offer…in your mind’s eye…in a
way faceless masses, but individually offer to everyone in your building or if
you’re in a single-family home everybody in your neighborhood. But
everybody in your immediate vicinity… offer them a thread of love and light… unconditionally… because you know that in those houses
and in those other apartment units and those other…wherever…in the various
dwellings, there are people living there. You may have never seen them…you don’t
know who they are…doesn’t matter. Just kind of uh…as one one human to
another…in good faith…offering a thread of light and love to them. Now from our
neighborhood maybe we can include our city.
There’s thousands maybe millions of people in your city. Just keep sending
out threads…in great…excuse me…and greater and greater distances. And so the
circle is becoming larger and encompassing everyone in the city. Now your loved ones might be spread
throughout the country or the world. Keep them in mind too…because as it circle
grows you’re going to be enveloping them and the people around them. And so in a
way a friend of a friend, so as the circle we’re expanding crosses as a point
where you know maybe a friend or a loved one lives…well, the people they know…
their neighbors…their cherished ones…other cherished ones are in the
area around them. That is, now you’re including all the people in that area.
And so we’ve gone from neighborhood to city…now let’s do the state…let’s do the
county first. If you know the rough boundaries of your county or you
can just hop right to state. The entire state. Everyone in it…because you don’t
know hardly any of them, but just offer this thread of light and love to each
individually. And so, it’s not like a single thread that goes to something…but
it’s thousands if not millions of threads going to individual faceless
people you haven’t met yet. But they are still there and still exist. From state…country. Include everybody in
the country with thread of light and love. Now you can do this at any time or any
level, but after you’ve extended and offered the threads to everyone in the
country…just in your heart feel the warmth, the heat, the love…and in a way
it’s like sending out a pulse. Sonar pulse. Through the threads just
send out a pulse of love…caring… wellbeing for all…kindness…but focus on
love. Love, like a pulse, is sent through all the…all the strings to the
hearts of everyone. I don’t know if you’ve…if you’re
experiencing this, but every time I do this…it’s not like they all reciprocate…
but a great majority reciprocate. Reciprocate. And so it’s like a sonar
pulse…that…really kind of feels like that. You send it out and it’s like a
bigger wave comes back. Send out another pulse of love and light…
kindness and compassion…caring for the well-being… when the pulse returns accept it. Now, special call out…the number of
viewers that you looked up earlier…that have seen this video before…they have all
offered a thread of heart of light and love to you. Accept them and and also
offer to them…those faceless people who have already done so…offer them a
thread of light and love. And so, then there’s two threads. And send out a pulse to all…including
the viewers…the past viewers…that have already offered a thread of light
and love to you. Now let’s move on to the continent.
Because your country is probably part of a greater continent or even a hemisphere.
But extend beyond the borders to include the continent and the hemisphere. And continue on to the rest of the world. And after sending out millions and
millions of threads that encompass the world…around…in your heart – which may
actually have a greater feeling of light and love after receiving the return
pulse from sending it out before – send all that you have…all the love and light
you have out into the world through the threads to everyone. And that’s it. So that’s where it’s the web of light
and love, because you’re creating a web. You’re kind of the center, but a web that
goes out. Now it does look kind of web-like, if you’re doing in a group.
Because as I said you would start with extending it to the person across from
you and then you work your way around in a group and really that group creates
the initial web that then connects to the rest. Now as variations of this…I didn’t want to do this for people who have done this…you’ve never done this before…
but variations of this you can include the other kingdoms. Mineral kingdom, plant
kingdom, animal kingdom. You can include elements. You can include whatever you
want. You know…the wind…the water…every atom / particle…you know…of the world. You
can go further to include the solar system, the other planets, this…this
galaxy…the whole universe. You can just keep going, if you wanted to. But also… which…
when you get a feeling for it, you might want to spend special
attention on the people that you’ve harmed – either real or imagined in their
minds – but you could offer a thread of light and love…preceded by an asking
for forgiveness and then offering it. And you may find there is kind of resolution.
You get a feeling of resolution…so…you can extend the thread to people you
don’t like – which is sometimes a challenge…which is why I didn’t cover it
yet. But as you do this exercise…at this practice…you could include people you
don’t like and see how it goes. Thank you much.


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