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– Winds of time. You know, we are given through the four winds a time sequence and it comes down
to a fixed time. This is why we covered the seals at last Passover, we’re
gonna pick it up there and go on with the trumps and the vials but
we’re gonna cover it in a little different
angle, we’re going to go, open your Bibles if you would to Revelation chapter
seven verses one and three concerning the seals and bringing the
four winds into this. And chapter seven, verse one in the great book
of Revelation reads, “and after these things,
I saw four angels “standing on the four
corners of the earth, “holding the four
winds of the earth, “that the wind should
not blow on the earth “nor on the sea,
nor on any tree.” In other words,
these four winds, originating from
all four points, four being symbolic of earth, brings about the end. In other words, it
starts the action of the end. Within this you have the seals, which must be placed
in the minds of people, let’s read on. “And I saw another
angel ascending “from the east having the
seal of the living God. “And he cried with a loud voice “to the four angels
to whom it was given “to hurt the earth and the sea.” What would he, what did he say? “Saying hurt not the
earth, neither the “sea nor the trees,
till we have sealed “the servants of our
God in their foreheads.” So the four winds have
a great deal to do and what you need to understand, if the four winds
were stopped until a given time, do
you know when they were given permission
to go ahead? It is written and it’s very important. It gives you one
of the benchmarks, that’s what we’re
after today okay? Because you need to
know when the end, when the winds
are released again and the people had the
seal of God inserted, that is to say all that
are going to receive it and this gives us a time fixed. God in his word, he gives
man many opportunities but his order of the
day isn’t wishy washy, it isn’t halfway, it
isn’t helter skelter, it’s fixed and it is a fixed time and we’re gonna,
you’re going to hear that term a time or
two, I’m even gonna bring it to you
out of Hebrew where it’s not translated, fixed time, necessarily in English,
but it is a fixed time and again as I
stated, God has a plan and it runs on that fixed plan and man can align with
it if he wants to, if he doesn’t hey, go your way have a good time you
know, enjoy yourself but it’s so much better
to enjoy yourself in the plan of God and be blessed because
when you’re blessed, you have all things, all things that bring happiness, success and if you have those things, you just about have everything. So having been
said, let’s go back to the Old Testament
in Ezekiel 37 and let’s pick this, you’re all familiar
with the dry bones, where we’ve got a second witness concerning this fixed time. So Ezekiel 37:1 and
think about the sealing as it is given from
the old testament, as it is given from
the old testament and it reads, “the hand
of the Lord was upon me “and carried me out in
the Spirit of the Lord “and set me down in
the midst of the valley “which was full of dry bones. “And it caused me to
pass by them around about “and behold, they were very
many in the open valley “and lo, they were very dry.” What this means, they
were spiritually dead. They had no teaching whatsoever, they didn’t have the seal
of God in their forehead. And what is man? I just taught a lecture
about two weeks ago, on when God put
the breath of life after he had formed
man from dirt. What is man without God? Dirt. You really don’t have all
that much going for you when you don’t have
the breath of God in you, when you
don’t have the seal of God in you, when you are not in conjunction with our Father, when you don’t operate
on his schedule you’re dirt. That’s just about the way it is and guess what your life
is gonna end up being? Dirt. Just about dirt ’cause it’s, these old dry bones
don’t have much to look forward to
paycheck to paycheck, just get along, as long
as I just get along. Don’t you just hear it, hate
to hear someone say that? I just wanna get along. No you want success
with our Father. You wanna know our
Father’s plan whereby you can be of assistance
to our people, whereby you can
help them because the seal of God is
placed in people’s minds by seed planting by people. So the point even here
in the old testament, is bringing these
spiritually dead souls back to truth,
verse three of this 37th chapter of Ezekiel “and he said unto
me, son of man, “can these bones live?” Question. “And I answered, O
Lord God, thou knowest. “You know, Father,” verse four “and again, he said unto me,
prophesy unto these bones “and say unto them,
O ye dry bones, “hear the word of the Lord.” What makes the difference? Hear the word of the Lord. It doesn’t do any
good just to hear without understanding. If you hear without
understanding, it just goes in one
ear and out the other. So it’s very important. The word really means
to hear the word of God and absorb it because
there is a fixed time. He has a plan of
the day, it’s going to happen exactly
as it’s written. There’s no need
in you being lost, confused or wondering
what tomorrow brings when you have the
order of the day right in your hand. So hear, hearing
the word of the Lord takes a bunch of
spiritually dead people and brings them into truth. Truth will do that. Truth brings life and breath which in the
Hebrew tongue is ruach, meaning the Spirit of
God, the truth of God brings that life. Thus in the old testament,
we have the seal of God from long ago. Verse five, “thus
saith the Lord God “unto these bones, behold
I will cause breath “to enter into you “and you shall live.” You’ll live again. You’ll come back to the truth. I’m sure that some of
you in your lifetime, you might have
drifted a little bit at one time or the
other but you come back to your Father and
his comforting embrace and touch, verse six, “and
I will lay sinew upon you “and will bring
up flesh upon you “and cover you with skin “and put breath in you “and you shall live “and you shall know
that I am the Lord.” That’s what’s important
to know who’s in charge. Who is your father? Because it’s family and family takes care of family and your father especially
takes care of his family. Why? He loves them. He truly loves them. Verse seven, “so I
prophesied as I was commanded “and as I prophesied,
there was a noise “and behold, a shaking “and bones came together,
bone to his bone.” I’m gonna spare you me
singing the old song okay? (congregation laughs) Verse eight. “And when I beheld lo, the sinew “and the flesh came upon them “and skin covered them above, “but there was but there
was no breath in them.” You know, if you’re
just a human body and you don’t have the ruach, that’s what, breath is
Spirit, wind is Spirit, the Spirit of God. If you don’t have the
Spirit of God in you, again what are you? You’re dirt that’s about what your
life would be, dirt. You wanna be more than that, you wanna have life,
you wanna be blessed and you want God to
lead you, to direct you. And he certainly wants to. That’s what this is about, is the sealing of
God’s children. Do you know what
ultimately this comes to pass as you learned
in the seals last year? If you have the seal of
God in your forehead, Satan cannot touch you. You’re immune to any
of his dirty tricks, you have power and authority. Use it and don’t be ever be
ashamed to use it. Verse nine, that’s
what the difference in, you must have that Spirit. Verse nine, “then
said he unto me “prophesy unto the
wind,” that’s the ruach, prophesy to the Spirit, “prophesy son of man “and say to the wind,
thus saith the Lord God, “come from the four
winds, oh breath “and breathe upon these
slain, that they may live.” That’s the same four
winds that he said to hold off, don’t
hurt the trees, don’t hurt anything
until we place that seal in their foreheads. And in a sense, the
Spirit even has to do with placing that is
every thing is always positive when we’re
dealing with our Father. Verse 10, “so I prophesied
as he commanded me “and the breath came into them “and they lived and
stood up upon their feet, “an exceeding great army.” Our father uses whom he will. Our Father, even
though the enemy has an exceeding great army,
even more at this time you might say, our Father,
when he gives power and authority to his children, there’s no match. We have the victory. Verse 11, “then he said
unto me, son of man, “these bones are the
whole house of Israel, “behold, they say,
our bones are dried “and our hope is
lost, we are cut off “from our parts.” And being lost is a, it’s a terrible sensation to think that you are, verse 12, “therefore prophesy “and say unto them,
thus saith the Lord God, “behold all my people,
I will open your graves “and cause you to come
up out of your graves “and bring you into
the land of Israel.” Now many people will
say, well what does that got to do with the church? Is talking about Israel. Well who do you
think the church is? With the 10 tribes
having scattered North over the
Caucasus mountains at the Assyrian captivity,
later settling Europe later migrating to this
great nation, America and God’s promise
that they would become as numerous as the
stars of heaven and the sands of the sea? Where is the church? Where is Israel? Now if we were to continue on and I’m not gonna
take you that far, after the four winds blow,
he said, take a stick and take another stick
and write, Ephraim and Joseph and Judah and join the sticks together. That doesn’t happen until
the millennium basically. So you know where
this is taking place, you know where these prophecies and these touching of the people and you know in a sense,
you can feel this today. You know we have
times in the past where we’ll receive maybe
three, 400 new people each day. Do you know what it has
built up to in this, this tumultuous time now? 1700 a day. – [Woman Congregant] Glory. – [Man Congregant] Amen. (congregation shouts and claps) – People are hungry. People are and they know they’re lost and they’re searching and they’re finding that truth. It is so very Important. So where is the church? It’s in Israel. Where is Judah? Well most everybody
knows our brother Judah. And there are many
more to that tribe also but the main thing
is, is that people receive that truth. Now one reason, one
of the main reasons and it’s so simple
return to the book of Revelation with me verse, let’s go to chapter six. And I wanna tell
you why many people have trouble
receiving the seals. They are so
accustomed to reading the great book of
Revelation where it said, and four angels helped this and seven angels did that. Do you know the only
person you can receive the seals from? There’s only one place and this is why many people
have trouble with it. They forget to read
with understanding. Chapter six, this is back
to beginning of the seals, what God wanted you to know. He said, hear the
word of the Lord. And in the seals what
was most important? Well, chapter six verse one,
great book of Revelation. We’re reploughing some ground, but sometimes it’s necessary. A lot of people had
a lot of trouble with this last year. “And I saw when the Lamb
opened one of the seals “and I heard, as it were
the noise of thunder, “one of the four beasts
saying, come and see.” Who gave, who did it
say gave the seals? The Lamb, not angels not some written
structure necessarily, but the Lamb of God. The Holy Spirit can
only touch people and cause them to see the seals because as you cover
on as we discovered, all of the seals
are given before even the first trump can sound and what is a trump? It executes the order. A seal is where you
receive the truth in your mind as to
what’s going to happen. Well, how do I know
what’s gonna happen? By listening to your Father? By listening to the word of God. No angel is gonna give you the truth concerning
these seals. You have to get it from Christ. You have to get it
from the son of God. You have to get it
through the Holy Spirit. And that’s the miracle and that’s what, that’s
the beauty of it. Why does he have
this seals kind of out of chronological order? Because he gives them
to you of importance. What is the first seal and the most
important thing that you need to have in your mind given to you by the Lamb of God? Let’s read it, verse two. “And I saw and
behold a white horse “and he that sat
on him had a bow.” This is toxin, it’s
a fake imitation, fabric bow of the
bow in chapter four that surrounds God. “And a crown was given unto him “and he went forth conquering “and to conquer.” Dou know that is,
it’s the antichrist. The first seal is to
know who’s coming first, to know that the
spurious messiah is coming to deceive your people coming to deceive
those dry bones. And the important thing if you can receive that
first seal, then you know and understand what you
must be on guard from that’s deception
and lies from Satan and his followers. Hey, they’ll do it to you and they will make it
sound so religious. You don’t, you know,
they make statements like you’ve heard me
repeat it so many times. You don’t have to
understand God’s word, you’re gonna be gone,
you’re gonna fly away like a big butterfly. It’s not written. You won’t read that
in one of the seals. Why? Because it’s not true. It’s a lie and it deceives so
ever many people, it creates those huge
stacks of dry bones. And when God opens
those spiritual graves and frees the
people, giving them the seal of God, that’s to say the truth in their forehead then they know and they understand. When then the question and to answer the question,
when are the winds released to blow? That is to say to bring the end, to begin to bring the end. This is going over even
in tonight’s lecture okay, I’m laying a seedbed
here now, don’t miss it. Stay with it. Turn with me to
the ninth chapter, let’s get into the trumpets and again I want to reiterate and make sure you understand the seventh seal
rather was opened before the first
trumpet ever sounded. Again picture an army,
when the trumpet sounds what is it? It’s an order. It means execute the order. It doesn’t mean the order
has already come to pass. It simply means
execute, begin okay. So he gives us the
trumps in chapter eight, verse one beginning and he speaks out
this great star that fell from heaven and of course we know who that bitterness is that falls. And he takes us on to
the time of the locust and he gives us the
first war trump. I’m gonna take
you all the way to the trump that releases
the four winds. Four symbolic of earth,
north, east, south, west, the four seasons
and the four winds and on the very altar of God, the four horns, four directions always meaning earth or that
that has to do with earth. And we saw in the
beginning of the trumps in chapter nine, I’m not
going to cover every verse, I don’t need to
because you’ve all covered it repeatedly and that is the smoke
comes out of the pit and God delivers, in verse
four of chapter nine to Satan. You can go down
and you can sting and bother every person,
you can’t kill them but you can go down and lie to them every person but one
that has the seal of God in their forehead,
those you can’t touch. Now well, how could that be? Because if you have the
seal of God in your head, you’re not stupid
enough to follow Satan. It’s simple, okay. Just I mean, that’s just where the rubber meets the road. If you have the seal
of God in your forehead and you know Satan’s
coming first, what are you gonna tell him when he whispers in your
ears sweet things? You know what you’re not
supposed to be meditate that’s what you’ll
say, that’s a sin. Okay, indeed. You’re supposed to say what God gives you at that moment,
but you’re not stupid. You know he’s coming first. Why? It’s a seal. It was placed in your
forehead, in your mind before the fact,
before it happened and that’s what the
seals consist of and that’s why God
would tell Satan hey, you can’t have them. Why? They won’t follow you. They won’t dance to your music. They find you to
be an abomination. And we do. I mean it grieves
us that he deceives our people the way he does. We you know, you
just have to really almost bite your
lip when you see in this great nation
even, the three powers and how they get on
each other’s feet and common sense goes
out the window oft times. It’s terrible. It really hurts but
that’s where we’re at and that’s why we
must be careful. But in the fourth verse
of that ninth chapter, God said, you can’t bother those that have the seal of
God in their forehead, they’re not gonna go with you. But I wanna skip then all
the way down to verse 11. Let’s identify who
this particular king is that tries to take
over the earth and he does a good
job of it basically. “And they had a king over them,” this is the Locust army,
“which is the angel “of the bottomless pit.” How many of those do we have? “Whose name in the Hebrew
tongue is Abaddon,” that means the destroyer. It’s Satan’s name. In the Hebrew tongue,
I’m sorry, in the yeah in the Hebrew tongue,
but in the Greek time, “hath his name
Apollyon,” still the base of Satan’s name in
the Greek tongue. So you’re given his name
in two different languages and then do you know
there are still people who will say well, I’m
wondering who he is. And if you think
that isn’t a sign of the lack of the seal of
God, you would be mistaken. I mean there are
some people that unfortunately are so stupid and they can’t help it hey,
they haven’t been taught. They haven’t been
taught that false one is coming first and God’s word
chapter by chapter and verse by verse. It’s a sad situation. But there are some
people that would say I still wonder who in
the world that could be. Okay. Now listen carefully. This is why we came here. “One woe is past,” how
many woes are there? There are three. “One woe is past “and behold there come
two woes more hereafter.” We got the worst two yet to come of these last trumps,
the last three trumps are woe trumps. Verse 13 “and the
sixth angel sounded “and I heard a voice
from the four horns “of the golden altar,
which is before God,” four again symbolizing earth and the power concerning earth, “saying to the sixth angel
which had the trumpet, “loose the four
angels which are bound “in the great river Euphrates.” Euphrates has always
been the river that stands between Israel and Babylon, confusion. And that’s where they
are spiritually speaking. Held in chains are
they the fallen angels? Of course they are
in part, verse 15, “and the four
angels were loosed, “which were prepared for an hour “and a day and a
month and a year for “to slay the third part of men.” Do you know what that
is in the Hebrew? It is a fixed time you have all four
days under one article and all four under
one preposition. Let’s simplify that. It did not say, from
22 days to two years that’s what happened
no, it just gave all four specific fixed times, a fixed time with God. That’s when the false
angels will be released and that’s when it
will be too late to try to prophesy any longer. Why? Because the end is coming. That’s the fixed
time the four winds will blow from the
four altars of God, four horns of the altar of God. It’s his fixed time. So you wanna be
very mindful of what happens during the six trump and the seventh trump because
it’s the last two woes. It’s when God’s action begin. God kind of stays out of the
picture up till that time. He lets man do it to himself. But in the lecture tonight,
you’re gonna find out what God intends to do. Continuing, but know
again, when you have four time periods
given in one article, there’s no from to to to, okay, all under one article,
meaning specifically an exact time down to the second in God’s plan this will
come to pass, verse 16, “and the number of the
army of the horsemen “were 200000 thousands “and I heard the
number of them.” I mean, old Satan
had put together a pretty good force. You can better understand
why in another place it says the whole world
horde after the antichrist. Whole world. Most of them, those
that don’t have the seal of God
will unfortunately. “And thus I saw the
horses in the vision “and them that set on them
having breastplates of fire “and jacinth and brimstone “and the heads of the horses
were as the heads of lions “and out of their mouth
issued fire, smoke “and brimstone.” Three things 18,
“and by these three “was the third part of
men killed, by the fire “and by the smoke
and by the brimstone, “which issued out
of their mouths.” These are not human beings, they’re super natural, they’re fallen angels, they’re lieutenants
of Satan, that do have power that we don’t, but we have power over it. That’s what’s important. These will deceive
many, many people. What comes out of your mouth? Your voice, communication,
lies in their case, deceiving people, that
that is exactly opposite of the seal of God
is the seal of Satan, as he places his
lies into the minds of the people, that
people follow him, that people are guided by him. He deceives them. You’re going to see this and you’re going
to live through it and God expects you to be strong and stable, not as
restless warrior, carrying out his plan of the day as ordered to the letter,
chapter by chapter, verse by verse, 19. “For their power
is in their mouth “and in their tails
for their tails “were like unto serpents “and had heads and with
them, they do hurt.” You know the way a serpent
has a stinger in it’s tail and that’s the way it
captures its victim is by poisoning it and then grabbing
onto it with it’s little catchers like a
crawfish crow den, okay, then and then with the
serpent having no stomach it regurgitates into
the body of the victim and it becomes the
serpent’s stomach melts it’s backbone don’t let your
backbone be melted by lies, by false teachings. You stick with the truth. You know, lies can delivered by supernatural
entities, by that I mean angels honor their fallen,
it can be pretty impressive. Verse 20, “and the
rest of the men “which were not killed
by these plagues “yet repented not of
the works of their hands “that they should not
worship the devils “and idols of gold
and silver and brass “and stone and of wood,
which neither can see “nor hear nor walk.” They can’t help you, you
can have all the gold in the world stacked up and tell it to save you
from wickedness of the world and it can’t do anything for you other than the power
of purchase okay, but your Father can protect you you know there’s
not one in this room if you’ve ever been
a person of action that hasn’t come up to a time you thought you had
messed up big time and you were in
your last seconds and something happened,
woo that was lucky, it maybe not. Maybe not if you’re
one of God’s elect, think about it all right. I’m not going super spiritual
on you here wee okay, but things happen
in life all right. Verse 21, “neither repented
they of their murders, “nor of their sorceries,
nor of their fornication, “nor of their thefts.” They are just not
gonna do it, why? There’s no truth in them. I’m gonna take you to one verse then we’re gonna close and we’re gonna pick
this up again tonight at seven, I think it is. And we’re gonna
take this on further I want to pretty
well chronologically establish so that you know
the sequence of the trumpets and how they fall
when the four winds the winds of time,
that’s why I call them the winds of time. They give you fixed
times, they assure you you know, you might
say, well what, why is it important
for me to know God has a fixed time? Well because most
of people that teach the father to you, they,
if you’re not careful, it’d be like, I’ll
get around to, you know, like he’s got kind of a helter skelter type operation and man can determine, man
didn’t have anything to do, God has a fixed
time, a fixed plan and you’re either in it
or you’re not, period. That’s the way it is okay? In closing, to comfort
you until we pick this back up again this evening, Luke chapter 10, you
see Christ comforted you and taught you all through. And he says in the 18th verse of the 10th chapter of Luke, “and he said unto
them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” And some people will
say, well I wonder what in the world
he meant by that. It doesn’t need an interpreter. He said, I saw,
behold I saw Satan fall from heaven to earth. You can put it in the bank, you can go home with it. You don’t need an interpreter. It’s the same, the first seal. I saw the fake what? Christ is the one that
comes on the white stallion and Zachariah chapter 9:10, Zachariah chapter
9:9 says when he rides the donkey in
his first entrance and the next is what? Is the true rider of the white but Christ said I
saw it, it happened. So you can count on it. It’s not to be interpreted. You either believe the
Lord or you don’t okay? So don’t let somebody
smoke you out all right, verse 19, “behold I
give unto you power “to tread on serpents
and scorpions.” Now how was it they
were gonna hurt you? I gave you power, dunamis,
however it doesn’t happen to be dunamis in
this particular case, but I’ll leave it there. And ecclasia it means
a privilege of right, “of the enemy “and nothing shall by
any means hurt you.” Why? You know what’s going on, you know in your
head that all they can do is smoke you. That’s an old military
term, blow smoke I mean, I guess you all
know what I mean. I could say it another way and it wouldn’t do okay. (congregation laughs) Just wouldn’t do. But don’t let them see you sweat on your first cruise okay. Why? You don’t have anything
to worry about, he gives you power
over all your enemies. But how many is that? Come on, all your enemies. 20, “not notwithstanding,
in this rejoice not “that the spirits are
subject unto you,” and they are, evil
spirits are subject to you if you have
the seal of God and you’ve got the
grit to stand up and tell them where
to go, naturally in Christ’s name
okay, gets it done. “But rather rejoice
because your names “are written in heaven,”
’cause you’re in the book. You’re one of those
sealed, that God knows he can count on, that
you’re not gonna, you’re not gonna run
at the first time the enemy gets,
you’re gonna take care of business okay, you’re
gonna get it done. That’s can do type people. And this is why I want
you to really think about in your daily
life you know, sometimes people will
say, I just don’t know why God does this to me? He doesn’t, you
do it to yourself when you begin to listen to, if you’re in a crybaby attitude, you’re listening to a cry baby. Not a can do type
person, not a person that knows their
name is in the book. Not a person that is
can do, but a crybaby. Now everybody has bad moments but when you have bad moments that’s the time for
you to say, Lord, you told me, you
promised, I believe it, I’m gonna do it so do it. That’s the way it goes. You don’t, what am I saying? There’s gonna be
some awesome things of supernatural entities, angelic beings at
the very close. How do I know that? It’s written but we don’t
have to worry about it. But it is important
that you break down the sequence of events so
that you’re not deceived as to when the three woes come to pass and when the four winds blow. We’ll pick that up again in
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from the ancient Eastern manuscripts
commonly known as the Lamsa Bible,
by George M. Lamsa? Dr. Lamsa did a fantastic work, it is a good Bible,
I have all of his, most all of his works. Of course I being a
student of the words have many sets of
works but I like, I like his works on
idioms fairly well but it is a good work. Sue from Kentucky, it
is not my favorite work, I wanna make that
clear as far as the study Bible is concerned,
but it is a good work okay. Sue from Kentucky. Let me say more on that
lest I confuse somebody. If you’re really
going to study it, it does not hurt to
have Lamsa’s opinion, Moffitt’s opinion and then from the
King James forming your own opinion by utilizing the Strong’s Concordance
to the original languages. Okay. Sue from Kentucky,
what’s the true meaning of blasphemy of the
Holy Ghost in the Bible? Well it means that
you would refuse the Holy Ghost to
speak through you when you’re delivered
up as it is written in Luke chapter 12:10,
when the false messiah is on this earth. As far as remarriage
is concerned, if you have repented
of any fault you might have had in that and it sounds like it was mostly the other party’s fault,
if you’ve repented and you’re clean,
you’re like virgin, you’re free to remarry. Karen from Maryland,
how many of the remnant are alive today? Who would, no one would know
okay, that feels like no just one, there’s
no way anyone can know how much are the remnant. Why? Because elect will live until the
false messiah returns. Those that know the truth and pass on to the father
before that time are remnant. So that’s something that’s
totally out of our hands and no one would have
any way of knowing okay. Sheila from Texas,
where in the Bible does it say that Christ
thought of himself as a giant fir tree? It wasn’t Christ, it
was our Heavenly Father, Almighty God. If you’ve seen the
son, it is true that you’ve seen the
Father, if you’ve seen one tree, you’ve seen the other. But you would find
it in Hosea 14:8, God considers himself
to be a great fir tree. Why? Because it doesn’t
shed its leaves, its evergreen, ever
living, eternal is what’s spiritually
symbolic of. Norman from Kentucky,
when you are innocent and get baptized as
a child, should you then as an adult be
baptized, submerged like Jesus was? Jesus well set the way and a person should,
there’s nothing wrong with dedicating a child to
the Lord Jesus Christ, okay and our Father and dedicated to our
Father in Christ’s name. But when one comes to the
age of accountability, it is not what your parents
think about your baptism, it’s whether or not
you as at the age of accountability wish
to be baptized yourself. That’s what is required. Mark from, in other words, I’ll put it a different
way in as much as you mentioned like Jesus. Mary and Joseph
didn’t take Jesus and anoint him or baptize him when he was a baby okay. He was baptized
as a grown man in, by John the baptist. Mark from California, what
are the three earth ages? What signifies the
beginning of one and the end of another? Well we have only had
that happen one time because only the first earth
age has ended at this time. It happened at the
Catebo which is mentioned several times in God’s word. It is mentioned in
the book of Genesis which many people
don’t recognize it in the English because of
is not translated properly. It states in verse one
of Genesis chapter one, in the beginning God
created the heavens and the earth period. Didn’t say when, it was
millions of years ago. And then in verse
two in the Hebrew, it states and the earth, not was void and without form but
the earth became void and without form at the catebo that is to save the
overthrow of Satan. When that first earth
age ended on you’ll find another report of it
probably much clearer in English in
Jeremiah chapter four beginning with verse 18. Karen from West Virginia, I
will add one other footnote, if you wanna read
about all three of them read 2 Peter chapter three. Karen from West Virginia,
in Ezekiel 24:22 where it says you shall
not cover your lips nor eat the bread of men,
does this actually mean we are not to eat funeral food? Please explain. This is something my
family has always done. Well your family is
absolutely correct. This was a one time
affair, incident that God told Ezekiel when
his wife passed away, don’t eat any food
that they bring you in sorrow for this
because God had intervened and it was in his
case not a time to be sorry about okay? Because you know many people I suppose the Irish
are, I’m not gonna say looked down upon
that sometime they celebrated at a
funeral, okay a wake, they, they party, okay. The reason being they
are thankful that that person is now with the Lord and will never be
in any pain again, will never suffer again and it’s different people, I’m not going to say that
everyone should party when somebody, maybe
party is a bad word, I feel bad about
even using that but that’s what we would be at
accused of, the Irish okay is party at a wake but we as Christians look
forward to that time that we’re back with the Lord and that’s the way it
is, no more need be said. This is one of the greatest
times to help people that do not understand death and where the dead
are okay, what a time to plant seeds. Chesley from
Arkansas, do you have the whole Bible memorized and if you did, did
you read it from your teenage years? Is that how you know it so
well, you do a great job keep up the good work. Well, we’re going to thank you and God bless you. You know one of the,
I suppose one of the best ways to
learn God’s word and to memorize the Bible and you never
memorize all of it, no man does that, but to teach. When you teach God’s
word chapter by chapter and verse by verse
over and over and over, naturally, you’re
going to learn a great, you’re going to
learn something new every time you teach a book, every time why, because the
word is pregnant, it grows and we come to
more understanding. So it is, it is just a thing and also much of our memory and many other tools that are, it’s a gift from God
also, we recognize that, we know that God’s
gifts are given without repentance,
Romans chapter 11. Kevin from Pennsylvania,
Ephesians 6:12 refers to the demons we have to
fight as principalities, powers, rulers of the
darkness of the world, this world, that’s
correct, wicked spirits in heavenly places,
can you please tell me where they came from and what are they? I have heard so many
different versions of truth about this
it boggles the mind, I am unable to testify the truth about this subject
because I have been so many different versions. Well evil spirits
are evil spirits. You were told in
Genesis six why many of them are there,
you know that Jesus said to Satan, get behind
me, where’s Christ? He’s on the throne of
God, Satan’s behind him. And he is a, read
Job 1:6 where Satan goes with the angels of
God, before Almighty God before the altar and God asked Satan,
where have you been? He says, I’ve been walking
to and fro on the earth. That’s where he comes from. And you must always
remember from Genesis chapter six that the nephilium, now I’m gonna get
a little technical with you, comes
from the word Napa meaning in the Hebrew
tongue the fallen ones that’s where this
evil spirits come from the fallen ones. Their spirit and
Satan spirit have the same opportunity
to roam the earth, not in their physical bodies and they have physical
bodies, but only in spirit. Why because for every
negative there is a positive and Christ must sit
on the altar of God at his right hand until
all of his enemies are made his
footstool that means we’re gonna have to
do it okay, in part. Therefore, the Holy
Spirit is allowed to maneuver this earth as
well as the evil spirits but Christ gave us power and authority over
any evil spirit. We don’t have to
be afraid of them, we order them around and they take orders
when you do it in the name of Jesus Christ. So that’s how the
evil spirits are. Remember those
chapters in God’s word that I’ve instructed you with and especially cap
it off with the great book of Jude just
before Revelation, the first, about seven verses and you’ll know
where they come from. John from Michigan,
what does this mean Matthew 24:22, if
God does not reduce the number of those days,
no one will be saved. Well you’ll read the same
thing in Mark chapter 13. It means that when
the false Christ appears on earth,
he is so very good in causing people to believe him that if it were possible
even the very elect would be deceived. And that’s what it means. It means when the
antichrist sets foot on this Earth, he is impressive and that’s why it’s
called the tribulation of the false one and it is the first tribulation. The second tribulation,
of course will be when Christ cleans up the mess that’s gonna happen but, John, what that does
it lets you know how good Satan is,
as it is written in Revelation chapter 13,
beginning with verse 12 through about 14, he
performs these miracles in the sight of
man, you see them and they’re marvelous
and wonderful, that they would
deceive even the elect if it were possible. Tuesty from Wisconsin. My name is Tuesty and I have a couple
of things to ask, number one, when Satan
comes down on earth as the false
messiah, will he have the same power as Jesus? No, he will make
people think he does. He will have many,
he is supernatural and naturally the
supernatural he can, as it is written
in Revelation 13, he can snap his fingers and lightning will
come down from heaven. That’s pretty impressive okay. One of his little tricks. I learned a lot from your
program, I’m learning and I thank you a lot. You’re so welcome. Me and my sister were
arguing about the flag she says it’s not in the Bible and I say it is. Could you show me
where it says that so I can show her please? I know God loves everybody, he just doesn’t
like what they do. I’m a slow learner. I don’t think you are. And I was wondering
if you could show me in the Bible about. It’s standard. Take the word standard and our flag, our
standard is Christ okay, you see Christ, a Christian
flag right behind me, the white, they’re behind
me now, behind the flowers. That’s the standard
of a Christian. Every tribe of God’s children
had a standard, a flag. When in the book of
Ezekiel, it talks about these creatures
appearing that had certain faces, those were
the flags, as mentioned in what is it, Numbers
two, that Israel is supposed to fly, okay. That’s how you
recognize the encampment was by their flag,
their standard. That’s the way we march to war. That’s how you tell
one, our flags on ships still to this day,
nothing new under the sun. Those standards, take
your Strong’s Concordance and take the word
standard and check it out and you’ll see that
it’s used over and over. Nathan from Kentucky,
where in the Bible does it talk about a red calf? Red heifer. The main thing I
want you to do Nathan is go to Hebrews 9:13 and learn right
there that the ashes of a red heifer won’t save you, aint worth a hill of beans,
only Christ can save you. So it’ll save you a lot of work and keep you from
listening to a lot of malarkey about
red heifers if you’ll just read Hebrews 9:13 okay. Marion from Wisconsin,
since becoming Christian, my husband and I have believed in the rapture after
listening to your program and further study of the Bible, we’re beginning to believe
what you are saying makes sense however,
there is one question, why would God refer
to Ezekiel 13:20 regarding the rapture,
if the rapture is not mentioned in
the Bible, it seems God would not give
reference to a scripture regarding something
that isn’t mentioned in the Bible to begin with. Now go back and do your homework again. The word rapture is not
mentioned in Ezekiel 13:20, God says I am against
those that teach my children to fly
to save their souls. Okay. That has nothing
to do with rapture. It’s a method of people trying, that’s what the Tower
of Babel was about was teaching people if you
couldn’t fly, build a tower and create your own salvation. Come on mature, okay and I’m not coming down on you, I’m just saying the word rapture is not mentioned there okay? Don’t play games with God’s word take it for what it is. I’m out of time. Hey, I love you
all a bunch because you enjoy studying
our father’s word in depth, most of all,
he loves you for it. Brought to you by
tithes and offerings, if we’ve helped you, help
us keep coming to you, most of all, you stay
in his word every day in his word is a good
day even with trouble. You know why? Jesus is the living word. – [Man] Hearing God’s
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