What Is Vedic Meditation?

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Peter Vroom here professional Vedic Meditation
teacher with The Resolute Mind And of course a lot of people ask me what
is Vedic Meditation? How is it different from other practices of
meditation a very good question Vedic Meditation is a very simple effortless practice We don’t concentrate we don’t focus we use
a mantra in Vedic Meditation But it’s not mantra meditation the mantra
it is simply a tool for something else That something else is what we refer to as
transcendence. Transcendence means to go beyond and in this case we go beyond thought so a lot of people try to control their thoughts
a lot of meditation practices teach you to stop thinking and things like that and That is of course pretty much impossible What we do in Vedic meditation is we use a
mantra with with a special process kind of like brushing teeth we use Toothpaste with a special process. So we use a mantra and a special process and
through that special process The mind goes to a place called bliss consciousness
or pure contented consciousness And then when in that state of consciousness
the mind gives up the need to think and so thinking stops So Vedic Meditation is a very simple and effortless
practice a process to take the mind to bliss consciousness and then what happens when we get there is
you rest very very deeply many times deeper than sleep and when you rest that deeply with such awareness it allows the body to
come out of fight/flight mode and To with that deep rest to start releasing
stress out of the nervous system It allows the reproductive system to come
back online the immune system to come back online the digestive systems to come back
online These are all systems that get hampered when
we have stress in the nervous system. That’s why People come to me to to learn to meditate
because they’re trying to get pregnant or because they’re trying to heal or something
like that So Vedic Meditation brings that deep rest
which allows them to experience those benefits Now key to a regular meditation practice is
that it’s not difficult it’s got to be easy simple and effortless
and with Vedic meditation it is those things if it’s hard if it requires Concentration or work or dedication? it’s just unlikely that we’re going to be
regular a small percentage of the population will be regular but most people wouldn’t and Let’s face it we have so many demands and
things that we have to devote ourselves to throughout the day with dedication and focus That to add something else to it like meditation
just means that we’re not going to meditate We already have enough going on also with
Vedic Meditation We want results and we want results very quickly And we want results to come reliably when we do the practice just like Working out if you’re working out of brushing
teeth you want results from that and it’s like that with Vedic Meditation as well. So in a very short period of time just short
meditations every day. We get good results out of it So that’s another important thing as well So a Vedic Meditation a very simple, very
easy a very effortless practice and I look forward to hearing from you


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