Why Meditation Works and How it Benefits the Workplace


Why Meditation Works and
How it Benefits the Workplace The business world can be
a stressful place, which is why many business people
extol the benefits of meditation. For many people, meditation
has a negative connotation. But after learning to meditate,
and practicing it for some time, my opinion about it has completely changed. For those of you looking to improve your health,
clarity of mind, sense of well-being and productivity, meditation is for you. At first glance, it’s completely reasonable
to wonder how one activity could have so many benefits. But the answer is quite simple: Profound rest. After a good night’s sleep, different aspects
of daily life improves. Our mind is clearer, we feel better, and we
are just healthier in every way. Meditation provides a much deeper and more
profound level of rest. As a result, every aspect of our life is rejuvenated. The business world can be a very stressful
place. The pressures can be enormous. The demands on the mind, physiology and emotions
can be overwhelming. That is why many business people extol the
benefits of meditation. I am speaking of a very specific type of meditation,
the Simplified Kundalini Meditation. There are meditations that force people to
concentrate; invite people to contemplate; or suggest that people hold their attention
on the present moment. There are even meditations that induce a hypnotic
state. What we are talking about here is a meditation,
which allows such a significant level of rest, that even the deepest of stresses and strains
are released. It is also a meditation that does not impose
any sort of artificial or unnatural state. Instead, it allows the physiology to enter
a state that is very normal and natural. Actually, whether we meditate or not, we enter
that state several times a day. The problem is these brief moments are not
sufficient. We can enjoy this systematic approach to entering
that meditative state for 20 minutes, twice daily. That is a sufficient amount of time to bring
about the profound benefits. For some business people, the resistance to
learning to meditate is because they don’t want to take 20 minutes twice a day from their
busy schedules. However, once they have learned and practiced
the meditation, the benefits are so obvious that they tend to do it regularly. After experiencing the benefits of regular
meditation, a number of businesses have structured meditation time into their daily office hours. They realize that the improved productivity,
harmony in the workplace and employee health and satisfaction more than justifies the allotted
time. One of the added benefits of meditation is
the enhanced sense of one’s own self. It’s something that is difficult to describe
until it’s actually experienced. We become more settled and established in
our own being, our own identity as an individual. We become more stable within ourselves. It’s as if we’re standing on a firmer foundation
as we go through our day. The remarkable thing is that we also become
more flexible and more adaptable. It can almost sound like a contradiction – more
solid and established — but more flexible and resilient. It’s like the difference between a kite with
and without a tail. A kite without a tail just spins wildly. Given a tail, the kite is more stable and
soars higher into the air. Like that, through meditation, we become more
solid within ourselves, but also more dynamic, soaring ever higher in the workplace. When more fulfilled within ourselves, things
like pettiness, irritability, negativity and anxiety melt away. Interestingly enough, these improvements happen
so naturally, the transformation occurs in a manner that almost goes unnoticed. That’s because we’re not imposing some false
behavioral mood, attitude or approach to our lives. It is just a natural blossoming or emergence
of our own true nature. We come to realize that most of our undesirable,
ineffective and counterproductive qualities are the result of the same thing: Deep fatigue
in the physiology. That fatigue is the result of stresses and
strains that accumulate over time. Meditation releases all of that. It’s a huge relief to realize that down deep
inside, we are all fine. It’s just the stresses, strains and fatigue
in the physiology that create an unhealthy relationship with life. In fact, regarding my business, someone once
asked me, “Where do you find all of those incredible people?” I responded by saying, “Everyone is incredible. I just provide the method through which people
naturally discover their own true, incredible nature.” Visit SimplifiedKundaliniYoga.com
Raise Your Kundalini. Lead Yourself in the
Journey of Consciousness. Be Blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar.


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    I would really like to learn this meditation but when I visit the websites you have linked, I don't see any listing of your locations. I live in The United States, in Texas. If you can let me know the nearest location to me, I will sign up as soon as possible. Thanks!


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