Why you feel tired during meditation and the Best Time of Day to Meditate

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hi I have two questions but the second one was following the meditation so I figured I’d go with that one first sometimes when I meditate I get really tired and that seems almost just like okay now I want to take a nap and that seems kind of counter intuitive I guess to why you would be meditating so I’m kind of wondering what that’s about well there’s a difference between napping and meditating and the difference is different benefits I don’t fall asleep I just feel really tired when you quiet your mind and stop resistance usually the opposite happens you usually find yourself somewhere between satisfaction and feeling really frisky it depends upon how much momentum you’ve allowed but if you’re feeling tired then you may be meditating to try to overcome resistance and you may be taking the resistance into the meditation and you may be focused upon what you’re trying to get rid of during meditation you see what we’re getting at yeah I’m kind of focusing on the feeling like what it feels like to feel the energy of you know the universe and positivity and I kind of get this tingling in my body and it feels really good those are all indications of alignment if you’re getting those kind of sensation if you meditate earlier in the day it’s better for a number of reasons usually you’re more rested and usually there’s less resistance the earlier in the day sort of like early flights there’s fewer dominoes so the earlier the flight the more probability your flights gonna be on time the later the flight and the more things of the day could maybe interfere with your flight it’s kind of like that earlier in the day you meditate the less resistance that you introduce into the equation okay and I generally do do that I get up and you know brush my teeth and that kind of thing but then I meditate and you know get on with my day try to take a walk how long are you meditating I set my timer for 18 minutes that’s a good time yeah sometimes I’ll like be kind of done I feel sort of done before then and I’ll look at my alarm and it’ll be like you know 16 minutes of Ag on fire or something like that it’s important to realize that the subject of meditation is kind of an awkward subject for most humans anyway is becoming more and more popular but it’s sort of a weird thing and the reason that most people feel resistance to it is because you have trained your mind you’re awake mind to be interactive and responsive you’ve not trained it to be quiet and so it is unnatural seeming to you to be awake and alert and to not be focused upon things where momentum is gathering so most humans would rather feel negative emotion than no emotion because in the negative emotion they feel like they’re getting something done and in the no emotion they feel like they’re not getting anything done so these are some of those beliefs that you’ve brought along the way that might be hindering you just a little bit but when you realize that there is enormous advantage to quieting your mind because it puts you in direct concert with everything that’s in your vortex and with all of the fairies of the universe that are in there gathering the cooperative components and so you might in advance say things to yourself to sort of prime your pump that I’m really looking forward to quieting my mind because there is great benefit in me lowering resistant energies in order to allow the rising of my compatible cooperative component energies and wonderful things are going to come from this also the way we mean meditation we want this meditation for you because we want for you connection to who you are we want meditation for you because we want receiving mode for you period now receiving mode for you means whatever you are vibrationally ready for but most humans want to skip ahead when we demonstrate turning vibrations to thoughts and thoughts to things and then out here is the manifested edge where the car is in the garage and the lovers in the bed and the money’s in the bank and all that manifestation that you want most people want to go right from there to over there now they have no patience or enthusiasm for the journey along the way and yet the journey is the delicious part of all of this most people meditate and they want Source Energy to boom into their mind and tell them exactly what to do about everything that matters to them and when that doesn’t happen that first day they think I’m not good at this or this doesn’t work or something’s wrong with this and so we want you to understand that what meditation is is the beginning of the allowing of the connection which will lead to everything it always feels good I’m happy that I have you know done it for about a year and a half that I’m really consistent with it and it makes it because we’re answering your question and your question was why do I feel like I want to go to sleep right yes sometimes and the reason you feel like you want to go to sleep is because you’re not in full concert with Source Energy or you wouldn’t feel like you want to go to sleep when you’re fully in concert you would be in the receiving mode and there would be a feeling of anticipation not a feeling of boredom we’re just wanting you to to reach for maybe pre pave it a little bit this is gonna be a good segment I’m gonna quiet my mind and I’m gonna feel really good and I’m gonna connect with source and I’m going to get a sense of what source is thinking about what I’m about and then relish and the ideas that flow okay can I ask another questions right I have two birds and they’re amazing and I’m wondering do they get bored ever I mean I know that animals are in the receiving mode most of the time but like when you leave to go on vacation for a couple of days do they sense the time do they miss you how smart are they you know why do they sleep if they’re in the vortex all the time those are questions the difference between the animals birds of your planet and humans is that they lean more toward allowing and receiving while you lean more toward asking and creating that’s why the animals are not in step one very often they’re mostly in step three humans came with different intention you came to explore to contemplate to evaluate to determine to decide to ask for and while that’s true of animals too it’s not the same as it is with humans there is less gap between their desires and where they stand they exist in more satisfaction just naturally than humans do of course they have intentions but their intentions are easily satisfied with the direction of their thought their thinking even though they’re not speaking even though they may be speaking a little bit yeah they are a little bit yes they are thinking they’re flowing thought and they remain in a state of connection that’s why humans when they acknowledge animals often say they have instinct well what humans want to call the instinct in animals is what we want to call the receptive mode and we wish it for the humans the way the animals have it Esther and Jerry had friends who were living in Albuquerque for many years and when they would go to Albuquerque they often had dinner with their friends and one night they stopped by their house and as they were getting ready to go the parrot who had been there since the children were little and the children were all raised and gone from the house so the parent must have been close to 30 years old and when doris picked up her keys and went to the door the parrot said and esther said is this parrot sad that you were leaving and dora said no the children used to be sad when we were leaving and they would cry and the parent learned to cry when we leave so it’s just mimicking the behavior with no emotion so they don’t miss you like what if you’re gone because it feels like when you come back in there kind of like dogs they’re excited to see you but sometimes I feel bad if I’m on an extended leave you know well that’s a difference between the animals and the humans you feel bad they do not okay all right really good yeah thank you you


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