Workout at Home: Chair Yoga

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Okay, so we’re going to come to a
comfortable seat and we want to make sure that you’re able to sit up nice and
tall and just take a moment to rest your hands on your thighs. Allow yourself to
sit with a slightly downward gaze and just start to notice your breathing as
you inhale and as you exhale and taking a few moments to just connect with the
breath. And as you start to notice the breath take a few moments to just
observe your physical body. Notice if you have any pain or discomfort in your neck
or shoulders. Bring your attention down your arms to
your fingertips. Notice your back, your sides, the front
of your trunk. Notice your hips. Bring your attention into the muscles of your thighs, all the way to your knees, lower legs, ankles and feet. And then take
another deep breath in and as you exhale allow yourself to sigh to let out that
tension, because we know we have a lot of tension right about now. So we want to take another deep breath in and exhale. Then from here we’re going to take a
moment to start to warm up our bodies as we prepare for some more stretches, so
let’s begin by circling the head moving in one direction and then start to
circle your head the opposite direction. And then with your arms relaxed by your
side just start to roll the shoulders. And then change that direction as well.
And then rest your hand right hand on the side of your chair and lift your
other arm up and bend over to the right, so you get that nice stretch on the side
of your body. And then we’ll switch sides. Lift the other arm up and the opposite
direction and then gently release and then bringing your hands up into that
cactus arm position you’re going to take a deep breath in and as you exhale, turn
your chest to the right and then come back to center and as you exhale, turn
your chest to the left and then come back to center and release. We’re going
to take our hands on the knees and do our favorite movement. That’s spiraling
motion to loosen up the upper and lower half of the body and next time you come
around to the front we’re going to switch directions. and then the next time you come around
to the front sitting up nice and tall bring your right leg forward and circle
your ankle. You want to make nice big movements, get that joint motion and pull
the knee in towards the chest to stretch out the buttocks area, and
release. And then we’ll take the left leg forward and circle that ankle and switch
direction notice if there’s a big difference from one leg to the other,
bringing the knee towards the chest and then release. And now from here we’re
going to start with some movement so we’re going to take our arms all the way
out to the side and bring your right leg out at an angle, so you have to use a
nice dining room chair look out over the right arm. Now tense your muscles up,
make a fist and tense your muscles and then spread those fingers apart. Take the
left hand down to the side of your chair and lift the right arm up toward the
ceiling so you get that nice stretch through the front of the body and then
let your right forearm rest on your right thigh and take the left arm up
over the left side of your head. So you get that stretch on the side of your
body then you’re going to bring the arms back up. This is our Warrior II position
looking out over your right hand. Then relax your arms and bring the right leg
in. Now we’ll go to the other side, so you’re going to lift the arms up again take your left leg out to the side. Turn your head to the left make fists with your hands,
squeeze those muscles then spread out those fingers. Take your right hand to
the side of your chair and the left hand stretches up to the ceiling so we get
that stretch. nd coming back to our Warrior II pose.
Bring that left forearm on the left thigh swing your right arm up over the
right side of your head so you get that stretch on the side of the trunk. Then
come back up Warrior II pose and we’re going to release the arms and bring the
left leg back in now from here what we’re going to do is stretch those arms
out in front of you and lift them up as high as you can. Lift the crown of your
head feel that lengthen your body our Seated Mountain Pose. Bring your
fingertips together if you can and stretch back over to the right and then
back to center, and then to the left and then back to center. Lift all the way
up, lift that heart and if you can lift the chest even higher and then slowly
reach your arms forward down and then come all the way back up and bring your
hands down to the heart. Now from here what you’re gonna do is take your arms
out to the side and you’re going to bring your left hand on the side of the
chair, sweep your right arm out in front of you turning to the left so that left
leg is going to go over the side of the chair you’re gonna lift the right hand
up and if you have the range of motion bring that right leg back, so we get that
nice stretch all through the front right side of the body. You’re going to hold it here. Take a deep breath and then release the right hand come back to center bringing the
feet back to the starting position. We’re going to take the arms all the way out.
Let that right hand come down to the chair, sweep the left arm in front of you
so you’re turning your body. Take the right leg over the side of the chair and
if you have the range of motion, take that left leg back so we get that
stretch all through the front of the body. Again you’re going to hold it.
Breathe in and out and then slowly release coming back to center.
Take a deep breath and say [exhale]. From here we’re gonna cross. You have two options.
You can cross your right ankle over the left ankle or if you’re able to maybe
bring your right knee over the left knee. We’re going to take the hands and elbows
together at the heart center so I’m going to block my face for a moment.
You’re gonna lift the chest, take a breath and as you exhale, bring your
elbows towards the top of your right knee hold it for a moment. Then interlace
your fingers press the palms forward all the way up and as you exhale get those
arms stretched out again then if you crossed up the ankles your knee will
drop out if your crossed at the knees you’re going to bring the right angle
onto the left thigh. Lift the heart center. If it’s safe to bend forward
you’re going to lean in about an inch till you feel the stretch in the right
tushy and breathe. And then using your hands on the leg come back up, release
the right foot. Do that little tapping movement. Now we’re going to go to the
other side. So you’re gonna cross the left ankle over the right or if you can
the left knee over the right knee. So I’m gonna block my face again. Hands at the
heart, elbows together, lift the chest and then bend in towards the left knee,
bringing your elbows down hold for a breath, in and out. Interlace the fingers,
press the palms forward, stretch those arms up. We want to combat all the
sitting that we do. Release the arms. Again if you crossed at the ankles, just
let that left knee drop out, or bring your left ankle on the right thigh. Lift the
heart center, take a deep breath, lean about an inch forward. Hold it here. Make
sure you’re not holding your breath. You know our favorite word is breathe. And then releasing as you push into the lower leg to
come up release the left foot let’s tap that out again. Now we’re going to
stretch out the muscles in the back of the thighs. So you take the right foot
forward with the heel down. Remember we always find the crease of the hip, lift
the heart and lean in as soon as you feel a stretch in the back of the right
knee you’re going to stop and hold it and breathe in and out. You make sure
you’re not rounding your spine. You want to lead with your chest. Ideally you want
to hold this for up to 30 seconds and then pressing into the legs to come up,
we’ll bring the right leg back. Let’s take that left foot forward heel down
knees straight from the crease of the hip we lift the crown of the head upward
bending forward so we lead with the chest until you feel a stretch in the
back of the left knee and hold. Making sure you’re taking deep breaths. Holding
for about 30 seconds. So you can do these stretches at any time during the day. Rest your hands on the legs gently press up bring the left leg and again give
that a little tapping movement. So from here we’re going to use a strap. You can
use a belt. We’re going to stretch the calf muscles. Bring the belt around
the bottom of your right foot and use it to pull your toes towards you. You
want to feel the stretch in the calf. This is an important muscle for balance
so it’s really really important to stretch it. Take another deep breath in
and out and then slowly release. We’ll do the same thing on the other leg so good
the strap goes around the ball of the foot. You lift the heel off the floor till the knee is straight. Use the belt to pull
your toes toward you so you get that nice stretch in the calf. And then hold
and breathe. And then we’ll release. Moving the strap
and releasing it to the side. From here we’re going to take our hands at the
heart down to bringing the palms forward and stretching those arms all the way up,
taking a breath in. And remember when we exhale we go [deep exhale] and let any tension out.
Roll the shoulders a few times moving in one direction and changing direction and
then allowing your right ear to drift towards your right shoulder, so you feel
a stretch on the left side of the neck. You’re going to hold and then let your chin
drop towards your chest and lift back to center. We’ll let the left ear drop over
towards the left shoulder again taking a few breaths. And then taking the chin
back towards the chest and reaching back to center. Sitting all the way back into
your seat, let your hands rest on your thighs. Allow your eyes to close or sit
with a slightly downward gaze. Just taking a few breaths in and out.
Imagine at this point you want to feel the weight of your body sinking into
your seat, and with every exhalation letting all tension just release, so that
your feet start to get heavy. You feel your knees begin to soften. You feel the
backs of the legs sinking more deeply into your seat. Your back fully supported
by the chair. Your hand is resting on your thighs. Allow the chin to drop
downward a little bit and continue to breathe. And as you breathe take a few more
moments to just notice the path of the breath, all the feelings and sensations
that are occurring as you breathe in through the nose and out through the
nose. And then we’re going to bring our hands
into a gesture called Meta Prana Kriya where you take your your index finger to the first joint of the thumb and your three outer fingers
side-by-side resting the backs of your hands onto your thighs and the shoulders
relaxed downward. You’re going to take a few deep breaths in and out. And this
gesture is one used for health and well-being, so perfect gesture for this
time. They will take our hands together at
the heart, take a deep breath in and as you exhale bow your head. Namaste.


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