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Please Use Headphones. Well, each activity affects us at different levels. See, if I want to lift a brick I cannot use the mind; I have to use my hands. I cannot acquire knowledge by carrying books on my head; I have to read them. So the activities that belong to the physical world affect me at the physical level. Now what we are trying
to do through yogic asanas, is mainly meant for maintaining good health. Or various postures, Even when a child is
taught how to sit down, how he sits and with what
attitude he sits in front of the elders is more important, I would say, than cultivating a body like rubber, to twist it around. That’s why this yoga is called hathayoga.
‘Hath’ means stubbornness: we Have this sort of stubbornness that yes, I must twist my leg like this
or I must twist my hand like this, and we train our limbs
and various body organs to form a certain posture. But, as far as I understand, it helps us only at
the physical level. If it affects us or helps us, it
is only at the physical level. It has nothing to do with
the spiritual approach. For example, many people worship Kali or Durga before going to rob somebody. What do you call that worship? I am worshipping the deity: I offer or even sacrifice a goat in front of Kali and say may my mission
of robbery be successful. So asanas are like that.
What is your goal out of them? If it is a physical thing,
yes, it will help you there. But if you can make all your activities
not just physical exercise but going to work, cooking in the kitchen, eating, going to sleep, everyway if your mind can be absorbed in divinity, with one goal inside, it does not matter what you do. That does not mean that
we do all kinds of crazy stuff. But I mean that within our own limits, we find our own moderation. Even bulls are stronger than you. What do you say about that? You want strength, but if the nerves are broken, what can you do? We have to strengthen the nerves, our emotions, our spiritual strength which
supports all these things. Without the spiritual backing there is no mental development. Without the mental development,
what is the use of strength? So everything has to be balanced. Asanas on their own do nothing. It has to be a combined effort of asanas, pranayama, dharana, dhyana and samadhi. Ashtanga yoga is a complete-package deal starting with yama, niyama,
pratyahara, pranayama, asana, dharana, dhyana and samadhi. It is a complete package. But in modern days what happens is that
they do only asanas and say this is yoga. No, it is only one part of yoga; it is not a complete package. You are picking and
choosing one thing because your focus is only at the physical level. You have forgotten yama,
you have forgotten niyama and pratyahara, you have forgotten all about pranayama, you have forgotten all about samadhi. So If you pick and choose just one
activity just because you like it, then it will satisfy you
only at the physical level. I think we are abusing the whole system. It is like you go to work and you choose to do only one thing which you like the most. What will your boss think? Likewise, the whole system
breaks apart when we are simply focused either on dhyana or only on the physical
– nothing will work. We have to have a fine balance. What can a yogi do even
if he is realised but is not physically fit? He has to be both physically fit
and at the same time enlightened. Heartfulness teaches moderation: balance in all sorts of
activities that we perform. Bhakti is nothing but entertaining the Lord in your
heart with so much of love. When you are in love with someone, what happens? The very thought of that
person makes you happy makes you joyful. You long to be with that person, right? Now when we are talking about God, does thinking of the Lord promote such a joy in our heart? Or am I just playing out my tune as per the religious dogmas that I have to do this, I have to do that? Without this joy, it becomes a burden. It is like a donkey
carrying bricks on its back, not knowing whether it is
sandalwood or gold or bricks. So one has to realise these things. Feel the Presence inside. Only after you feel the
Presence can you appreciate. You cannot love somebody when you don’t know
that person completely. It is a Catch-22 situation: you don’t know the person and yet you want to love that person. For example… in meditation we think that the Divine Light is already
present in our heart. Some people say they would
like to meditate on their God. Then I ask them who is their God, and they describe. How did you came to the
conclusion that that is their God, whether they saw Him
themselves, they say, no – my grandfather says so, my mother says so, or my literature says so, I learnt it somewhere. But this does not really help you. If you really want a scientific approach, you cannot tolerate such efforts. All right, then start with a
hypothesis or an assumption, and prove to yourself. Be open that yes, what I have been doing is right or what I have been doing
is wrong – conclude it. You must transcend beyond this knowledge and make it actualize into reality, in the form of experience. Having bhakti without knowing with whom you are associated is a topsy-turvy situation. Lord Krishna talks highly
about karma yoga in the Gita. He touches upon bhakti yoga;
he also touches upon gyana yoga. But karma without gyana is useless, and gyana without bhakti is useless. There must be a beautiful and the finest amalgamation of approaching the Lord: performing karma in a loving way, knowing well what the consequences
of my actions and bhakti will be. Otherwise, it does not matter
what you follow. If this essence of bhakti is not there, gyana yoga will be paralysed, karma yoga will be paralysed. Likewise, having bhakti that oh, I love my God, but no action and no knowledge about
what you are going to do, is also useless. We have to integrate these three and… march on with a lot of faith. And faith comes out of experience. You need not have faith before you approach someone. At first glance you may say, oh, I love
that person, but they can betray you also. So one has to really, really, really
go deeper into one’s own heart and experience it, and then the journey begins. Karma yoga – everybody
is doing karma anyway. But what sort of karma should we be doing so that yoga is made possible? Karma yoga – let’s break this term: karma and yoga. Any act that I perform must bring me the results of yoga. It must elevate my lower self and seek my higher Self. Any action that I perform, if it can bring me down from
my higher level to the lower level it is not yoga. It is devolution; it is not evolution. Any act that I perform must ennoble me,
ennoble the very act itself. Not that I want to please God no, but it is my innate nature to do the best. God made me not to do sloppy
things; God made me to do the best thing. He is
perfect; He expects perfection in all our endeavours. We suffer because we do things half-heartedly. We do things incompletely. We corrupt things, we pollute things, we dilute things not just physically but even in our love, with our children. We expect so many things out of selfishness. Even worshipping God out of selfishness is not going to help us. He knows all our moves. He knows all our movements, all our attitudes – nothing escapes Him. So how can you cheat God? “Oh God, I will put a hundred rupees today” do you think God needs your hundred rupees or half a dozen coconuts? And you light so many candles – there is nothing wrong in
lighting candles or deepam [lamp], but does he need those? It is actually myself who needs it the most. The light within is needed
by myself, not by the Lord. He is not blind; He can see even in the darkness. The deepam is there only to tell us: lighten yourself within, enlighten yourself inside. It is like telling a child that I am putting light outside, but a day must come that the light
should become part of your existence. It must show you the path from your heart. So rituals are there – they are not bad but they are indicators. We must follow our religions wisely; they have their limits. When we know that they have limits, we should transcend them. It is not that we are insulting them,
but we should transcend and approach. Something that was external,
now I must make it internal. That is the only shift we need. In reality what happens is that the people whom you
love the most hurt you the most. They are the two sides of a coin. If it is one kilogram this way,
it is one kilogram that way – equal and opposite – in this world. Do you remember what we talked
about Newton’s law of equal and opposite? In the spiritual world, it does not apply. In the emotional world, there is no particular rule that if I do this there will
be a certain result – no, there is no predictability
in the emotional world. For example when you are driving, and you see your beloved sitting in the arms of someone driving away in a Ferrari, the emotional response will be horrendous. When we approach someone with love, there also, the attitude is of great significance. Some people, when they offer themselves or ask for someone’s hand in marriage, in a certain tradition –
they threaten the family or threaten the individual. But there is another scenario, also, where you go on your knees, take half a dozen flowers
– or one rose is enough – and beg: “My darling, will you marry me?” So there is a shift in the attitude. One way is what I just said, and the second way is, with a
lot of love and reverence you ask. So this attitude makes all the difference, this water half-full and half-empty. It’s a prolific example of it. Attitude towards God What should be our? Worship in itself hardly contributes to
our success with the Lord in pleasing or in expressing our love. Love can be expressed with our heart. It need not be displayed in our actions. That you wear certain robes, that you take half a dozen flowers to God – none of these things are necessary. What matters is your heart full of love. When you approach the Lord that I am going to meditate in the morning, are you restless at night time that as soon as I finish my
sleep, I will be able to meditate? Are you restless enough
in waiting for the Lord? Suppose… the prime minister is coming to your house he announces that is coming after a week, what would you do? So well, no? And the Lord
is descending every day are we doing anything? Who is more important? Then what sort of preparations are we making in order to receive Him in our heart? This bhakta… Every bhakta must analyse this question. What sort of actions and attitudes must I have? How must I prepare my heart to receive my Lord? If that preparation is not there, what is the point of inviting the Lord when he finds your
heart to be so messed up, impure, complex, full of corruption, full
of so many desires? How can the Lord come into such a stink? So the attitude must be clear from day one. Only then when the Lord descends will He choose to be there. And when He chooses to be
there, He is never to go back again. When the heart-environment is perfect, God has no courage also to leave us. It is not that we want
God; He wants us so badly. He needs a perfect heart, a
pure heart, a bhakti-full heart. So we have to slowly create such attitudes in our
heart which are so prolific, so Inviting, that the Lord has no choice but to
descend and be a part of our existence. Such a fragrance would radiate from such an individual! It becomes automatic. Even if this flower is hidden
in the crevices of rocks, the bees will find it. How can God miss out on such an
anonymous entity who is full of love? When we say that God is the
all-knower, how can He miss out? So we don’t have to really
go out in search of God. Be where you are, be pure, be loving: He will come looking for you. That should be our attitude. Well, as I said, let’s have this attitude: “What do we want a guru for?” As God is looking for good souls and good-hearted people, gurus are also looking
for deserving individuals. Whether you follow him or not, once the heart is pure, it will automatically resonate. You need not become his disciple. If he is a worthy guru, a… samarth guru [a capabe master] as we call, then even if you are not his disciple he will automatically grace you; automatically he will shower his blessings. Gurus… are not there to make associations, that only if you obey my words, only if you follow me, only if you give me guru-dakshinas, I will shower grace and
transmission or blessings or abundance from Above no, a guru will never
have such selfishness. A true guru asks nothing from a disciple. In fact, gurus are there only to serve the humanity. They are there to give, not to take. So stop this exercise
of searching for a guru, and pray to God that
please help me find a guru who will take me up and make me a good disciple and train me. What is the difference between Lord Krishna or the Avatar Purushas and saints and the remaining humanity? The only difference is the extent to which they are free. God has all the freedom; He
is not attached with anything. Sages and saints –
depending upon their sainthood, they will have more or less
of attachment or detachment. Humanity is largely bogged down
with this attachment. Otherwise, the soul in all these categories is the same. The extent to which this freedom arises, because of the presence
or absence of attachment, determines the whole relationship with the Maker. If I am attached, then the guru should be there to cut this connection and help me liberate my Self from myself. I am not trying to liberate
myself from my parents or from the world. It is my Self who is trapped within myself. I have to liberate my Self from myself. Myself means the lower
self with so many desires, so much of ego bloated around, so much of arrogance with my lower self. If I can free my Self from myself and achieve that higher Self status, then it is possible. Gurus can be of so many types. The first one is like a hen and its eggs: they have to have a
contact with the disciple. They have to be in immediate
proximity to teach things. Those are the chicken-level gurus The second level of gurus are there like a fish who, having laid eggs, keeps the eggs in her eye sight and nurtures them. The third level of guru is like a… turtle: it lays the eggs, covers it up with sand, goes into the ocean and mentally remains connected
with the eggs and incubates it there. The gurus are mainly
of these three categories: one, who must have the
presence of the disciple in front to transmit knowledge; another one, through eyesight; and the third one is the highest, who can with his thought train his disciples. One finds a guru according
to one’s deservingness, also. If you need only this sort of pampering that it has to be face-to-face, then you find a guru accordingly. When there is love, what
is the need to display? And when we display it that
means there is some defect in us. Display destroys love. In Urdu they say, “Izhar karna mana hai” to display one’s love for
the beloved is forbidden. They will feel it in their
heart, automatically. That love is so strong, one needs no explanation. When love matures, for
example, even between couples in the beginning they start
with a rocky relationship, then slowly they learn about each other, they know and understand each other’s idiosyncrasies. A time comes when,
after twenty or thirty years, they are watching the sunset
even without looking at each other. They know each other’s language so well no speech is necessary, no touch is necessary. They walk together, watch the sunset
together and they enjoy life. Being together is enough; they do not need external things. “Oh”, give me a ten-carat diamond”
– no, that is not necessary. That is only whitewashing. When I was in India many
years ago, in Ahmedabad, when suddenly I had to go to
New York and settle down there. I was worried whether this yogic transmission from my guruji would reach me or not. It was more intense, actually. Because I was craving for
it more and more and more, so the transmission became more intense. So it does not matter which
part of the planet you are in: as long as this mental connection is there, it will find you. It is the restlessness:
the more I am restless, the guru will send this yogic
transmission more and more. It is a matter of experience only. I cannot explain this in words. Try it out and see what really happens. You need not even tell this person that I am going to sit at
6 o’clock in the morning; please send me transmission. We can test him and say that, okay,
if this guru is right, I can sit whenever I want, wherever I want, it must reach me. If he is worthy or a perfect guru, you need not even tell him
that send me transmission. If he is really good for me, I should be able to sit
wherever and whenever, without letting him know, and I must be
able to receive this yogic transmission. Try it.


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