Yoga And Pilates Poses HOW TO Guide – WARRIOR 1

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[Music] welcome to the yoga how to section so whether you’ve done yoga or pilates before it doesn’t really matter this section is for everybody it’s going to tell you how to practice particular postures or Pilates exercises accurately and perfectly as best you can to get best out of each posture or exercise so you look and feel great after every practice also it’s really key to avoid any injuries now it’s super unlikely that you’re going to injure yourself in your group Pilates because the essence of the exercise is that they’re controlled and steady but to avoid any injuries it’s best for you to watch all the classes through and then you’ve got all the tools that you need you to have a perfect experience in my yoga and Pilates classes so watch all the how-to section through and then you can intertwine all of your experience into my yoga and Pilates classes if you only see please subscribe to Tabitha yoga and I’ll see you on a mat welcome to your how-to section and first of all we’re going to start off with Veerabhadra sauna one or warrior one now very bad Johnson was the Hindu god a powerful strong Hindu God and we’re going to embody that in the way we practice our warrior one today so I’d like us to start warrior one from Tadasana Mountain Pose it’s a nice simple controlled way to start so we can get a precise way of practicing good technique less likely to injure so come to the front of your mat in Tadasana and feel nice and rooted spend a moment just really settle in yourself take a few steady breaths to really kind of draw a line under your day and bring yourself onto the mat sounding Tadasana you have your ankles knees hips and shoulders all stacked relax your hands down by your side but really embody that a powerful sense of a warrior fear and powerful through your body I know one could push you if they just nuts your shoulder so take a few steady breaths lovely and then I’m just going to step my left foot back one nice step back my front foots facing forward my back foot turned in a good 45 degrees if you can and what we’re looking at is if it’s okay for your hips to have the foot in line with the inner arch of the heel of the back foot now if you have step hips hips to pips stiffness you might want to have your feet a little wider because what we want to have is your hip bones facing forward like car headlights now if they’re open take your feet wider and then a good lunge so you breath in breath out lunging down adjust your feet get yourself comfortable make sure those hips are facing forward now villa bridge asana is all about upper body stretching or stretching the whole front of the body so back foot all the way to shoulder if you can see there’s a nice crescent stretch here okay dropping that back knee over front knee sorry so you’re looking at getting if you can 90 degrees very bad rasmus all of the Warriors will cry a little bit of strength and stamina and that’s what they’ll do they’ll strengthen your whole body and stretch it to so when you’re ready to take a nice in breath relax your shoulders breathe in bring your arms up reach up and you’re looking up to your thumbs if it’s ok for your neck look forward if you’re not sure if that really bothers the back of your neck then look ahead but otherwise looking up and then if it’s okay bring the palms together and breathe deeply reach up strongly through the arms lengthen the waist lift the chest lovely then when you’re ready bring your hands back to your heart take your hands to your hips and then what I’m going to do instead of going back to Tadasana I’m just going to pivot my feet and come to this the other side making sure my feet behind my hips are fine and then again when everything’s built and aligned reach up stretch the whole front of my body look up so I’m including the neck in my stretch thumbs hands all the way down to the heart facing the front heel to heel to heel toe heel toe I hope you enjoyed your perfect or as best you can wear a dress and a wad and enjoy kind of weaving it into my classes see what I’m at namaste [Music]


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    May 23, 2019 7:11 pm

    In this the 1st video in the series I focus on WARRIOR 1. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced student my Yoga and Pilates Poses How To Guide will help you perfect your postures and get the very best out of all the classes you do, try and watch all of them as I add to the series. I'd love it if you would tell me which postures you would like me to include in the guide 🙏🏻🌸💕


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