Hi, Polinesios, how are you? We are super happy today. Because today we are in our challenges couch. -Beach Edition -Beach edition, summer edition. This beautiful hammock that we have here in white that is unbalanced when any of us… My head, Lesslie, my head. Stop. Sand came in… Rafael! No, “Rafael” what? – Stop messing up. Well, we are here on the beach, in fact we are right now in a lagoon that is super nice that is called black lagoon. That is here in Xel-Ha. And we are going to make a super incredible challenge, but this one is too extreme, we are going to do the yoga challenge but in the water and in a kayak You can flip it. That you can turn it around, that it can eat us… – The beast – From Loch Ness – Come off it, Lesslie. As you know, Polinesios or as you have seen in the videos, Karen got injured. -The jungle is hard for Karen. – Yes, it does not treat me well. As she is hurt she will not be able to do the challenge, she will have to stay here to give us the positions that we are going to have to do. We are going to sit her in this beautiful wheelchair, there at the edge of the water waiting for her to slip and “pum” she goes there too. Damn! Hey, no, well, if we’re going to get wet, she’ll get wet too. It is not good that you are like that. Not good. I’m still placing your seat here, see. Look, come. My leg! I will be here and I will be giving you the positions that you have to do and from here I will say 10 … 8 … Rafael! It is stuck. Throw it in the water! I put the brake. Okay? Are you ready? Well, your kayak is already there, so go. – Ah good. – Okay. Come off it, it is super difficult. – There I am. – It’s difficult. – We are already in our position. – So you can see who is the strong one in the family. Are you ready or what? The first position is this one. Ok, it is this position that is like a “V” or something like that. It is beginner level. Wait. Let’s see, first put your feet. There it is, give me your hand… Hands! There it is, now yes above. Lesslie, no! I fell! Come off it, we were just starting this! For one second. – For a second we achieved it, what is next? An L upside down? Oh, come off it… I do not know what we’re doing. Are we already in position? – Yes – There I am going! It’s giving me a cramp in my hand! The hand! OMG! Lesslie, do not move! Lesslie now! There I go. – No,at? There I am going, what? – Because that’s the position. How? … Lesslie! – You’re pulling me! – No That’s it, there. Without falling we made it! We have completed the first two positions well, what’s next? An upside down heart. It is that… The balance in this thing when you stand up is very difficult. Lesslie, Lesslie. No, no, no… – Torso straight. – Yes, but we’re going to fall hard. Forward the buttocks. There it is. – All right! Yes? I can fall! We are already super pro in yoga. Next position. Okay, now my siblings are going to have to do this thing that is as if they were levitating or as if Lesslie were in suspension, I do not know if they achieve it. I already saw the future of this. Lesslie, come off it. Lesslie! Ew! That’s why I went to the gym all these years. Well I hope… It’s with your feet. With your feet. Come off it, Lesslie! I’m trying to do this. How did you get on? What am I doing? There I am. – Very good. – Are you ready? Wait for me, I do not see anything. Now. Oh no! Yes, it is very difficult. No, you have to carry her completely and Lesslie has to be held on your feet. Okay, on the stomach. There it is, right? No, not that one, Karen, it’s super difficult. – Do not play, Ana Karen, it’s super difficult. – Let’s see, what’s next? At what point did I end up on a board in the water? Lesslie, you have to turn your back on Rafa. Your shoulders have to be in your hands and your hands, Lesslie have to grab Rafa’s feet. Rafa, stretch them. Go. Lesslie, raise your legs up. There we are. Oh! We were about to achieve it. You said this was easy, I mean come on! Nor directing my brothers have achieved this. They have achieved two. My turn. Oh no! It is a trout out of the water. Go. There I am, there it is. There we are, Karen. Karen. – What is that? That was a… – Oh, we did it! Yes we did it. Of course not, you had to open your legs. No, we do half of it. I am the judge and… Okay, now comes another position that is the easiest to do because apparently they are like some trout trying to escape from the water. Now you, stand up looking to the other side and your are going to put your legs where Rafa’s legs are and your legs, Rafa, they’ll have Lesslie in the back and your hands, Lesslie, you’ll hold from the pimples. I already know what I’m going to do. Forgive these positions. And well now Lesslie is trying to eat Rafa with his big ass. We are also seeing that Lesslie is trying to suffocate Rafa with his body in his stomach. In memory of Rafa and Lesslie. World yoga champions. They fell! Where are you, my brother? Okay, apparently the little trouts can not do yoga challenge in the water. As I saw that these trout can not do complicated things, I put them easy positions and now they are going to do… stand up and they will stand on their backs. Lesslie, we’re going to fall. We are not going to fall! Now hang down like you’re looking for something in your butt. More more crouched. That’s the position, communicate under your butts, you have to see the other’s face and go down, more. Okay, ready! We did it! Lesslie stop! Nobody will take me away from here. I already liked being here in this little thing. What other positions, Karen? Ok, now … Do not be stupid, let’s see, now they are going to stand along the kayak, I mean your feet… Lesslie you have to see over there and Rafa has to see over there and your feet have to be distributed throughout the kayak Like this? But you have to be together. – Come off it… – How? I do not understand, how? – It’s the easiest. – Back to back. I put “easy yoga positions for two” and those came out, okay? – There it is. – No, back to back. Wait for me! There we are. – Okay, now… – There we are. We did it. I did not think… Do not move because the phone was blocked. – Oh no! – Wait a minute. Now that you are on your backs, you are going to crouch down towards the cabin. Exactly, and your hands have to be super stretched from above. Go, below. Elasticity! To the shit! He broke his Korean nose. Rafa, I hope that nose is fine. It cost us a lot of money, effort and work, the Korean face. It’s going to be very bad to have to go back to Korea. Come off it! It stuck on your hip. Ah, good, the hip! Karen, I do not want to continue with this challenge. Well, your positions are over, I’m going to give you the verdict of all the positions I gave you, you only made 3. – Four. – Three. – We made four. – The fourth one was not. Oh! This one counts. The penultimate that you managed to do was not done well. Mediocrities no. Three well, one half, more or less, you need to practice. Now you will go out accompanied by some dolphins that I brought you and you will throw to the sea. And some macaws that are going to fly by here. Ready for the grand finale? One, two, three. Now! The dolphins say that it is no longer their time, that their call time has passed and they went to eat, so I’m sorry. Well, I hope you liked this video. If so, give it a lot of love. I really did not have fun, but give it a thumbs up if you had fun with these falls and see you in the next video, Polinesios. Goodbye, Polinesios! I love youuu! We lost the stick. Do not do that because they’re going to charge us the stick. The park are going to charge us. Right now we find it. I’m going to do a synchronized swim, see this. Synchronized swimming? -I was not recording you. – Oh, come off it! Let’s see, here it goes. One, two, three. Okay, there we see how Rafa tries to commit suicide but he does not succeed. It came out, right? – No, Rafa, you only showed your ass. – Oh, I did like this with my legs. – Never.


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