Yoga for Hikers – 10 Minute Yoga Practice with Matthew Downard

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hey what’s up guys Matthew this is gonna
be a real quick short class to four hikers so pre hike pre hike stretches so
let’s go ahead and get started come to hands and knees and I’m gonna go ahead
and make fist and put my fist into the floor
this is just for wrist wrist issues so go ahead and you can go palms flat or
you can go fish in the floor but stretch your right leg back and go ahead and
tuck the toes under so keep the toes tucked under and then
push through your right heel so if you notice go ahead and look at
the camera if you notice I go from knee bent to leg straight and then drive out
through the heel and what I’m doing with my hands I’m actually pushing the hands
down and forward so I can get a little more drive through that heel as well so
we’re going going straight into the calf muscle as an ankle joint so one more
breath here and then swap sides left leg back lift toes tucked under push down to
floor with the hands and then drive out through your left heel and if you feel
free to make it a little bit loose as in don’t you don’t have to stay just what
feels like a static static pose feel free to bounce around in these poses if
that’s what it feels more more appropriate for you and let’s go ahead
and go back to the first side so not so much as in a yoga practice more of
actually just let’s stretch stretch your muscles get the joints moving
and hopefully it helps your hiking feel a little more useful before you get out
there on the trail alright left side again yeah and you can
tell as you can see I’m doing in my jeans I’m doing in the clothes that I
typically hiking let’s keep it and not too fussy alright go ahead and come out
of that bring the right foot between your hands
alright and then lift the back knee off the floor so just a straight forward
lunge hands can stay down on the floor and just start to split the legs apart front foot dig it down hold about two
two more breaths and then whatever way you get the other
foot in between your hands go for it so straight forward lunge same thing if you
feel like like bouncing is more appropriate for you today you go for it
bounce a little bit alright go back to the first side but
this time back me on floor so left knee down and then hands up to the front
thigh all right so this stretch going more
more into the front of your back hip so front of left hip so go ahead and move
the hips down and forward a tiny bit same thing if you gotta balance bounce
but we’re already on the other side so go ahead and switch sides so I’m picturing this class as something
you can do just just before you’re gonna get out
there on the trail I happen to be someone that likes to get out on the
trail myself and these stretches I feel I feel they could actually work pretty
well before and after not just before all right come down on your knees sit on
your heels now if you’re not able to sit on your heels don’t worry we’re not
gonna be here long take your hands down behind you and start to lean back if
this is too much on your knees mm then go like this look look here hands behind
you and then go ahead and lift the hips up like so and then stretch your thighs
that way I’m gonna go ahead and keep my keep my knee joints closed and start to
walk my hands back and just hang out here for a moment so just trying to get
more stretch through the front of your thighs if you really wanted to become
all the way on your forearms all right and go ahead and get the legs
out in front of ya and I’ll lay down on your back I didn’t actually say it but
grab a strap grab a belt or a towel whatever you got laid on them back with
leg right foot in your strap or belt and right leg extended up towards the roof
left leg go you can you can do it with the the foot on the floor or left leg
extended now straps or belt whatever you’re
holding in left hand take the right hand to your right hip and start to move the
right leg to the left with the right hand actually grab the hip and push it
in the direction of your left foot so push it away from the head and when I
say right right leg to left go only as far as you can keep the back of your
right the right side of your pelvis still on the on the floor all right come
back to Center and switch sides sometimes I wonder about my my grammar
yeah it’s still something I’m working on all right extend your right leg out a
little bit of commentary there for you right hand on on the the belt left hand
on your hip and then or a left leg to the right keep the left side of your
pelvis into the floor if it starts to lift up back up a little bit and stay
there and breathe so go more going more for this you could say IT band area
stretch so the outside of your leg outside of your hip all right then come back through Center
and release that now feet a little bit wider than your hips move both drop both
your knees to the right I’m gonna I’m gonna actually go to the other side so
you can see what I’m doing so both your both your knees to the
right and then those of you that are actually have a little more range of
motion grab your left ankle left hand and then pull the heel back and see if
you can start to get the left knee to the floor
even if it doesn’t go down just work it in that direction going still for front
of hip but more outer outer front of hip once you get in there I’m gonna do this
myself is actually start to raise the pelvis up away from the floor so push
everything down so you lift the hips as if you’re going towards a back bended
position all right let’s go ahead and switch sides all right same thing if you have more
flexibility grab your right ankle pull the heel in towards your hip and try to
get your right knee down to the floor either way just extend your right knee
forward or towards the top edge of your mat or what is considered top edge
amount and then lift your pelvis lift your hips okay go ahead and release now
one more on the back here take your right knee and towards your
chest lift your head and upper back up but now go right knee to left armpit and
left armpit to right knee so actually twist yourself in there and then if you
notice what I’m doing I’m gonna I’m gonna actually bear hug bear hug my
right knee into my chest now once you get it hold it in there and then lean
back go ahead and put the head and upper back down let the pelvis do whatever it
needs to do so keep that the right knee and left shoulder really close in
proximity but then get the outer right hip have your as if it can go back to
the floor and another thing you can do is start to walk that left foot a little
bit further away from the hips alright release that one and switch left
knee in to chest and then twist get the left knee to right armpit and then right
armpit to left knee or right shoulder you could say that way right shoulder
keep it into the chest and then lean back and then let the left hip just get
heavier heavier heavier so as if it’s just being drawn towards the floor
but then sneak the right foot a little bit further away from the hips to
increase the sensation in the outer left hip
so going more for let’s say glute max stretch gluteus maximus the largest
larget largest glute muscle that we have in our body all right release come up to
seated position and we’ll call it that for today that can be done before hiking
before walking anything that involves you moving moving your body in that way
so hopefully that’s helpful thanks guys happy hiking


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