Yoga for Inflexible People (10 min Flow Yoga Class)


– Hi, my name’s Kate. I’m a teacher at YYoga in Vancouver and I’m gonna take you
through a short sequence. If you just have a few
minutes and are inflexible but looking and interested
to start a yoga practice. You can check this video
out and many others on our YouTube channel. I have two blocks and a strap. The first thing you’ll do is
start lying down on your back with your knees bent and
your feet flat on the floor. You’ll take the right
knee in towards your chest and place the strap on the
ball of the right foot. And to whatever degree
the leg will straighten, lift the right leg up towards the ceiling. Choke up on the strap, so that your arms can be straight and you’re not overworking the upper body. Lengthen the back, so the spine is long along the floor and press the right foot up into the belt. Now, the left leg can stay bent or you can extend the
left leg straight forward in front of you. As the right thigh bone plugs
down into the hip socket, press the right heel up into the belt and move the right thigh forward. Even visualize the thigh bone pressing forward through the hamstrings. Take both ends of the strap now into your right hand. Place the left hand
onto the the left thigh to keep it anchored down and any amount start to take
the right leg out to the side that doesn’t pull the left
leg up and off of the floor. And I like to bend the elbow
and get the elbow on the ground so that it’s a little bit
more ease in the pose. As the right leg goes up to the right, turn the heel a little bit farther up. And from the right inner thigh press out through the right inner foot. And after a few breaths
bring the right leg all the way back up. Bend the left knee if it’s straight plus place the left foot on the ground, remove the strap and place the right ankle on top of the left thigh
into a figure four. Keep the hips right and center. They tend to swing out to the left, so keep the hips right in the center. Flex the right ankle and
move the right knee forward away from your right shoulder. And this can absolutely
be enough for many bodies. If you’d like to, the legs can come in, the hands will interlace
behind the left hamstrings and you draw in. It now, this lifts the head and
shoulders up or the tail up. It’s better to just have
the left foot on the floor. But if the spine could stay long and you can still breathe, hold the back of the leg and move the right knee
forward away from the shoulder. Then release, take both
feet back to the floor and switch sides. Grab a strap place it around
the sole of the left foot, hold the strap in both
hands with straight arms. Either keep the right leg bent or extend the right leg
straight for in front and engage both legs. So, move the left thigh bone
forward through the hamstrings, engage the muscle on the
front of the thigh, the quads, to open the muscles of the hamstrings on the back of the thigh. Shoulder blades, press them into the mat so the spine is long and set the breath deeply
in and out through the nose. Then take both ends of the
belt in your left hand, place the right hand on the
right thigh to anchor down and let the left leg open out to the left. Only as much as you can
without the whole body turning with it. Bend the elbow, brace yourself
with the elbow on the ground. Turn the ribs a little to the right. And you straighten the leg and as much as it’ll go. Then bring the leg back up to center, bend the right knee, take the left ankle on
top of the right thigh, hips in the middle, stay
here if this is enough, moving the left knee away
from the left shoulder. Or bring the legs in, interlace the hands behind the hamstrings, draw with the hands the leg in but press the leg back into the hands. And then with the left ankle and a flex move the left knee away
from the left shoulder. And then release. Roll yourself over to your side and come up to hands and knees where your wrists stack right
underneath your shoulders. Your knees stack right
underneath your hips. Make your spine long and then on an inhale create a back bend
starting at the tail bone, arching up through your lower back, your middle back, your upper back. Lift your head and then reverse that. Tuck your tailbone and round. A few rounds of this with your breath. Inhale to arch your entire spine. Exhale to round. Deep breath in, open the front body. Out, open the back body. And then come into a neutral spine. Blocks can be really helpful
underneath the hands, if you have them. With your hands flat on the blocks the heels of your hands right at the bottom ridges of the blocks, come into a downward facing dog. And you can have the
knees as bent as needed so that the the lift of your of your seat is really high. So, instead of trying
to jam the heels down and round the back, bend the knees, push the
hands down into the floor, into the block and lift the seat. If the legs can straighten any amount without compromising the the
length of the lower back, do feel free to to lower the heels in the direction of the floor but keep the lift of your seat. And walk your feet all the way forward up towards the blocks. Move them off to the sides. Now, bend your knees generously, let your belly come down to your thighs and hang your arms. Grab opposite elbows. This is a good time to let
the weight of your head be really heavy to soften your jaw and your neck. And then drop the arms and with bent knees, engage
through the abdominals and roll yourself up bone by bone. So, that the spine
eventually stacks upright in Mountain Pose. Anchored down through your feet, lift up through the crown of your head and then with an inhale, reach your arms all the
way up over your head. Grab hold of your left wrist and reach as tall as you
can on your breath in. Lean over to the right as you breathe out. And as you lean over to the right you open the left side. So, bow the left ribs out towards the left as you reach. And use the right hand. Pull on the left wrist
to lift up and over. And then on your inhale
come back to center, switch the lacing, hold your
right wrist as you exhale and go up on an inhale, lean over to your left as you exhale. Bow the right ribs out to the side so you can keep the right arm bone in line with the right ear. And then with your breath in, come on back up, release your arms down. Take your hands and interlace
them behind your back. And if that’s out of reach, grab the strap and hold
that between your two hands. Bend your elbows, move
your shoulder heads back and then lift your chest up. And as you lift your chest up, breathe so deeply into
the front of your lungs that there’s like a Helium
effect to your breath that gives you a big boost. As your knuckles reach down, it’s like a slingshot sends
your chest way way up. Want to stay really open in your chest. As you release your hands stand up tall, join your hands at your heart, close your eyes, take a deep breath in, lift your heart up into your hands and as you exhale bow your head. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you enjoyed this short video. Please, check out the rest
of our YYoga YouTube channel and feel free to leave a comment. Thank you very much, namaste.


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  1. Kelly Colleen

    April 4, 2019 10:02 pm

    Would love to see Kate for more videos – Flow/Power/and Hatha. She is a dream and so skilled!


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