Yoga for Runners – Goddess Pose Tutorial

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This is yoga for runners, breaking down a
horse squat to strengthen the glutes and the
quadriceps. You’re going to take a nice wide stance with the heels and toes out.
Feet are going to be at an angle that the knees can match so that there’s no
excess pressure on the knees and you’re engaging the external glutes to help
externally rotate the thighs. The heels will hug into the midline as if you’re
trying to scrunch the mat between the feet and you’re going to keep that
hugging in action whether you’re a lifting or lowering as if you’re trying
to resist gravity the entire time. You’re going to repeat this until you feel
fatigued squatting as deep as is comfortable for the pelvis and as you
lift back up, straighten the legs without hyperextending the joints. Alright there
you go. Enjoy your practice


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