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We women have so much to deal with, not in terms of just responsibilities but bodily changes as well, through puberty, menstruation,pregnancy and menopause. These hormonal changes are prevalent throughout our life, which dictate our mental patterns to a large extent. So how can we not have a plan to deal with this change? Now before that, it is imperative to bring
your attention to the essence of building harmony in the body. Hari Om. My name is Shivani Bajwa, a yoga therapist and a yogi still exploring the true meaning of ‘Who am I’. Sitting in Baddha Konasana, bring the soles of your feet together. Using the support of the wall and working
with postural and breath awareness, exhale the breath and try and connect to the silence, slow soft inhalation, deep smooth long exhalation. Try and be in this for 2-3 mins, enjoy nourishing the body with some prana before starting this wall practice. Moving into the first practice – Bring your
legs up against the wall and gently open them wide. To deepen the posture push into the upper thighs, stretching the toes towards your body, to feel a good release in the hamstrings. Try and be in this for about 12-15 breath
cycles focusing on the exhale, more and more. We move further with a happy baby pose. As the name suggests, to enjoy a release in the hips and lower back. The way to deepen this is by pushing the feet into the wall, and subtly opening the knees with long soft exhalations To enjoy complete freedom from exhaustion in the lumbar spine, move into supta baddha konasana by bringing the souls of your feet together against the wall. Deepen this pose by attempting to push the knees closer and closer to the wall. Remember to be in all these poses for 2-5
mins with one pointed focus on consistent smooth deep yogic breaths. Adjust your neck if you need to for the final pose of figure 4. Lengthen the left leg along the wall and cross the right leg over then bend the left knee and press the left foot into the wall. Inhale and as you exhale with the push of your palm, move the right knee outwards. Staying in this posture for good 12-15 breath cycles, repeating it on the other side. Please make sure you never get out of this practice without a final relaxation of 5-7 mins. Simply turn on one side in a foetal
position , enjoying the vibrations created in the lower body and pelvis. I urge you women to try and integrate this practice for a few minutes everyday and feel the difference. Until next time , stay tuned and stay glamrs.


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  1. Glamrs

    December 18, 2017 6:32 am

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  2. Pratibha Bodke

    December 18, 2017 9:32 am

    i hv melesma due to hormonal imbalced….it is possible to remove Melesma with the help of yoga..plz tell mi plz plz plz


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