Yoga Meditation Exercises : Benefits of Meditation

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Many people ask, “what is meditation?” And
it is an art of clearing the mind, it takes practice just like any new skill. And the
best thing you can do for yourself is to try to incorporate it into your daily life. The
more you do it, the longer you will be able to meditate and the easier it will be. Meditation
helps clear the head, it destresses you, it helps improve creativity, memory, and those
are just some of the benefits. Another benefit in meditating and also breathing, which we
will discuss later, is for people like that have asthma and things like that it helps
open the lungs and increase the oxygen and blood flow throughout the body. In order to
meditate, you just need to find a quiet, comfortable spot. This can be in any room in your house.
You don’t have to have a special place in your home if you don’t have the room. Find
a comfortable seat, again, sitting on a blanket. You can pull the extra fleshy part out from
underneath your sitz bones. Let your shoulder blades drop up and down and just let them
melt down your back. Again, you can close the eyes. Concentrate on where the chin is
placed. If your chin is back too far or down too far, the extra weight of your head will
strain your neck. You want to have a nice building block on each vertebrae down your
spine. So, again, just find that comfortable seat and let the shoulders drop up and back.
Let the chin slightly bow forward and allow the eyes to close. You may find the ribs or
your seat your pulling forward, find a way to stack everything one on top of the other.
Just like your building blocks as a child, you built a tower, it’s the same thing. So
that is how you meditate in the beginning parts of meditation.


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