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– Hey everyone,
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene, this is Benji and today we have a
yummy slow your roll yoga. So this is perfect if you are
feeling anxious and you need to stop, drop and find a chill
or if you’ve just been going, going, going and things are
starting to slow down and you don’t know what to do
first or what to do next. This is a nice little ditty
that’s gonna help you transition to taking good care. So if you have a thick towel
like a beach towel or if you have a blanket,
go ahead and grab it and if you don’t,
don’t worry about it. Just hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Okay pals, let’s come
on down to the ground. This is a practice that
stays nice and low today so we’re just gonna ease in
with a seated Forward Fold. Benji’s actually teaching this
class today and he’s channeling all the instruction through me and then I’ll share
it out with you so thank you, Benji. If you brought a
towel or blanket, let’s go ahead and
use it to sit up on now. Get the hips kinda high. And then just nice and easy,
in your own time, extend your legs out long. You don’t have
to zip ’em up here. You can keep your
thigh bone, the femur and the knee, the shin and the ankle
all in line with the hip point. And then we’ll flex the
feet up towards the face. And we’re gonna start by
actually taking the fingertips behind the thighs and you can
bend your knees and we’re just gonna take the thighs, we’re
gonna give ’em a big hug here starting in a Forward Fold. So allow the weight of
your head to relax down which, of course, means you
won’t be looking at the video. And that’s good. Take a break. Allow the sound of
my voice to guide you. Trust me, trust yourself, trust the video and this
valuable little ditty that’s gonna help you slow down. In time you can find a deeper
breath and even feel that breath on your back body
stretch here as you breathe in. And then just
slowing down that exhale to calm the nervous system, to soothe any frayed nerves and to soften any worry. Great. Then when you’re
ready slowly release that. Come up all the way and
we’re gonna bend the knees. This time we’re gonna wrap the
arms around the shins so you can give yourself a lot of space. Some of you know I like to
call this my favorite yoga pose. But you’re gonna
give your shins a hug now. You can clasp maybe your wrists
or interlace your fingertips, whatever feels good,
and then here it is, inhale in. Exhale, bow the head down,
let the shoulders round through. And we’re allowing ourselves to
just kind of bring our attention inward while getting a really
great stretch in the back body. So the weight of
the head is relaxed. We’re breathing into
the back of the heart space. Feet are grounded,
forehead is soft, jaw is soft. And in a world where we live kind of
looking at the lens of so many others moving fast paced
we really take some time here to just fold in and slow down. And then take one
more big breath here. Feel your back stretch. And use your
exhale to tuck your chin, slowly roll it up nice and slow. Send the legs back out and then
this time we’re gonna reach the fingertips all the
way up and overhead. So with a big inhale send your arms all the way up. And then exhale, think up and
over as you come back into that Forward Fold, Paschimottanasana. And feel free to bend
your knees as much you need to. Sorry Benji, excuse me. And then allow the weight of
the head to fold over again. With each breath
inviting any anxiety, any anxious feelings, again, frayed nerves or worry to
just soften and soothe. Start to listen a
little more intently to the sound of your breath. Let go of any stress
or tension in the neck. Soft jaw. Stay here with your breath. Each exhale
relaxing just a bit more. And then tuck your chin and when
you’re ready slowly release it. Come all the way back up. Excellent.
We’ll lift the left knee. Now we’re gonna give
the left knee a big hug. And then from here
you can hold on hooking right elbow
to left knee. You can hold on here and send
you left fingertips behind you. Or if you want a
little deeper stretch, you’ll take the right fingertips
up and find a little bind here kissing the outer
edge of your right elbow to the outer edge
of your left knee. Peace, Benji. So whatever
variation you’ve found here, allow the chin to tuck and the
back of the neck to lengthen. And use an inhale to sit up tall and use your exhale to maybe go a little deeper into the twist. Left foot is grounding,
right foot is active. Take one more
beautiful breath here. And then release back to center. Extend the left leg out,
bring your right knee in. Same thing here. Give it a hug in first. Right heel still in line with
the hip point so not too narrow. And then if you find you
want to go a little deeper, you can take the left
fingertips all the way up, find that bind outer edge of the
left elbow to the outer edge of the right thigh, right knee. And then right
fingertips behind. Same thing. We’ll use
the breath to grow this. Inhale to lift and lengthen and
exhale to soften into the twist so no pushing. Just giving the internal organs a gentle massage so that any energy that’s collected, that
you’re storing from any stress energy that you’re storing from
previous events can kind of get moved and soften here. Take a deep breath in.
Sit up really tall. And then exhale
to slowly release. Come back to center. You’re gonna
bring both knees up now. You’re still on your blanket
or towel hopefully and you’re gonna
come right to the edge. Right so that you feel a nice
support on your sits bones but that your legs are
able to get really heavy. And then we’ll open the
knees wide for Cobbler’s Pose. We’ll interlace the
fingertips around the toes or clasp the ankles. Inhale in, and exhale,
bend the elbows left to right. Allow your heart to come forward
and then same as it ever was chin to chest, round through, relax the weight
of the head over. Folding in,
slowing down your breath. Notice if you do have an impulse to fidget or scratch something or pop something or
maybe you’re holding somewhere, clenching somewhere
that you are not aware of. Just take this time to notice. No right or wrong. Just using our time wisely to slow down the
pace and take stock. Okay, you’re doing great,
inhale in. Exhale out. Tuck your chin and
slowly begin to roll it back up. We’ll close this chapter. Takin’ the hands to the
outer edge of the knees, closing the knees one
more time, rounding forward, kiss your forehead
towards your knees. Doesn’t have to
come close, right? All of our bodies are beautiful
and different so just the intention of bowing in. Getting that great big
stretch in the back of the neck. And if you get
a little emotional or anything comes up here,
it’s totally okay. I hope you know that.
It’s totally normal. It’s what happens when we
gift ourselves with the time to really be with what is. But if we’re going
fast all the time then you might miss
those crucial moments. Okay, unroll, unravel. We’re gonna come on
off the blanket here. And we’re gonna take the
towel or blanket and, of course, everyone will be kind of making
do with what they have but you’re gonna try
to create a roll. So like a little taquito. A little roll. So many things running
through my head right now. Let’s just call it a roll. So a roll, you’re gonna take
it to the center of your mat. And then you’re
gonna bring your roll right up to the sacrum
or the low back. And then everyone
will be a little different here so I’m gonna cue
options for the legs to support you no matter what. But bring it on
up to the low back and then use your
core to slowly lower down. And you want
your roll to kind of, not kind of, you want your roll
to support your spine here and then I’m gonna invite everyone
to start with the feet on the ground just so we can
make sure we feel supported. Allow the legs, the knees to
fold in towards each other so feet as wide as the mat. Then if your head is falling
down off your towel or blanket you might get an extra blanket
or pillow and bring it there. And if none of these
options are working for you, you can take your roll and just
do a different little ditty and bring it just
underneath the shoulder blades. In the opposite direction. So we’re here or we’re working
with the blanket here. And if none of these work, wrap
yourself up in the blanket like a burrito of
love and find a nice, comfy position there. Burrito of love. I’ll take two, please. Okay, hands are gonna rest
gently on the belly or the ribs. If you want you can
bring one hand to the heart. For the feet, again, we’re
bringing them as wide as the yoga mat and then
we’re bringing the knees in. So it’s the opposite
of our Cobbler’s Pose. This was external rotation, this
is internal with the hips and this is where we’re
gonna chill and rest. So close your eyes. Relax the weight of your body. Feel supported here. And when you’re ready
bring your attention back to the
sound of your breath. The quality of your breath. Inhale lots of love in. And exhale lots of love out. Take a couple quiet
moments here to welcome in ease, grace, and the softness, the willingness
to slow down, reconnect. If you’re loving
where you are here, you can reach, (chuckles) pause the video
and come back here for as long as you like. If you are ready to roll up, we’re gonna
slowly, slowly, slowly come to a
fetal position, any side. So nice and slow
you’ll come off your roll. And I love this
little fetal position for hopefully obvious reasons. Just kind of coming back
to that little innocence. Feeling also great curvature
in your back as you hug your knees in,
letting your heart rest. Take one little last
moment here to surrender. There are so many
things you cannot control, that I cannot control but taking time to
slow our roll is one of them that we can control so
thank you for sharing your time and your energy. Let’s press up to seated. Maybe sit back up on
your blanket if it feels good. Smile, bring the hands together. When you’re ready
bring the thumbs right up to your third eye. Peace in our thoughts. Drop the thumbs to your lips. Peace in our words. And very slowly
dropping the hands to the heart. Peace in your heart. Love you guys.
Take good care. Share this video with someone
you think might benefit from it. And I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (bright music)


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    I’ve been struggling with a very tight back and shoulders for the past couple months which my physio believes is related to emotional stress. I’ve incorporated this exact practice into my daily morning routine and I can’t tell you how much it’s helping both my muscles and my mind. Even if, every morning, the first time I drop my chin my entire back is screaming at me “this is uncomfortable, stop”, I’m leaning in anyways. Thank you Adrienne. 💛

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