Yoga vs. MUTU System: How Do They Differ?

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Hello, I’m Heather Christine Struwe and
today I would like to help answer your question what is the difference between
MUTU System and yoga. As a yoga teacher, first and foremost, let’s just recognize
that Yoga is so much more than poses and postures, even though that’s what we
mostly hear about and that’s going to be the focus of what we talk about today.
Yoga has eight limbs and of those there’s philosophy in history and breath
work and meditation and so those of course are differences between MUTU
and yoga but most of you are asking this question because you’re wanting to
return to your flow, return to your class and you’re wondering how can MUTU help
me? MUTU helps to bring us back to the foundation of movement that helped to
connect to core and pelvic floor, also teaching you and helping you recognize
how to use your breath with your anatomy and truly reconnect so that you’re able
to maintain and control those pressures of your core and pelvic floor. I hear
about a lot of different symptoms related to yoga practice, maybe you have
been noticing that you’re leaking when you’re doing inversions which seems a
little counterintuitive but, when we think about it, it’s related to pressures
and how we maintain our pressure and maybe you’re noticing that you’re weak
through your midsection when you’re doing hovers and planks and from that
you’re recognizing more low back pain or instability when you’re doing your
balance poses MUTU is truly for you to help you begin to build that foundation.
MUTU So You Can so you can do those higher level skills and classes and feel
confident in your body. With that, when you’re doing your MUTU System, you’ll
recognize that there are some movements that are familiar from your yoga
practice and at the same time you will be connecting and using your core your
MUTU breath to help connect, strengthen and lengthen your core.
I hope this has helped you to recognize the difference between yoga and your
MUTU System online. Get started today MUTU So You Can.


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