Yoga Wheel Pose For Beginners – Single Leg Shoulder Stand – #10 | Clever Yoga

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hello everybody welcome back to clever
yoga, yoga wheel series today we’re on post number 10 which is just a more
advanced or deeper stretch version of pose number 9 which is the shoulder
stand so today we’re going to be doing a
shoulder stand but when we keep one like that and one leg stretch up to give us a
nice intensive stretch in between our legs so taking your yoga wheel last time we got
on the yoga wheel by starting and sitting on the yoga wheel i’m gonna
show you how to enter into it by sitting in front of the yoga wheel just
gonna gently relax placing this yoga wheel in the middle to lower part of
your back gently arched back as you pushed forward against your feet making
that nice arch until your shoulder stretch touch the ground so you’re going
to hit the back of your head on the ground tuck your chin slightly until
your shoulders hit the ground ok from here you can grab the wheel or
you can keep your hands flat on the ground lifting one leg up we’re going to . this
toe if you can grab that toe that’s perfect then extend one leg up if your leg can’t extend up and you’re
over here that’s completely fine you can even bend your knee a little bit just
get into it gently giving yourself a nice hamstring stretch and quadriceps
stretch opening those hips hold this for a nice three to five deep
breaths gently bend this leg bring it down
switch sides


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