Yoga/Yogasana/யோகா /யோகாசனா : Ways to protect ourselves from Corona Virus

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Hello! Recently this has been the talk of the town. That is COVID – 19, the Corona Virus Because of this virus, lot of lives are lost. It is spreading, especially in Singapore. No need to be scared of this. There is a simple breathing practice that can followed everyday to protect ourselves from the virus. If you practice this everyday in the morning we can be safe not only from the Corona virus, but from any other virus Before seeing that, let us see about some other easy hygenic practices That also helps us stay away from the virus. If you have to go out and meet other people or our friends, no need to be scared of. Instead of shaking hands with them, we can just greet them with folded hands (Vanakkam). according to Tamil culture. Another thing is to avoid touching our face, nose or mouth Because there is a lot chance for the hands to get infected by any virus or bacteria as we use it to touch a lot of things Its always better to stay precautious After coming back home, it’s always to good to wash our hands, legs and face using hand wash soap. Washing means not the ordinary washing. There are 8 steps to wash our hands. Some would be familiar with the steps already as they show this in all media. Here are the 8 simple steps to proper hand washing techniques Please take note and follow these methods and stay safe and healthy. First step : Wash your palms. Second step : Scrub each and between each finger. Third Step : Rub back of hands and between fingers. Step 4 : Rub the base of the Thumbs. Step 5 : Rub the back of the fingers. Step 6 : Scrub your nails on palms. Step 7 : Wash your wrists. Step 8 : Dry hands with a clean towel or a tissue. Its a very easy method to follow. Please practice these methods whenever you return back home, It will keep you away from any trouble caused by any virus. Along with this , practice the breathing exercises. You don’t have to worry about getting infected by a virus. Thanks for watching. 🙂


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