Yoga/Yogasana/யோகா /யோகாசனா : Yoga Hacks Part 6 – Strengthening your bladder and stomach

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Hello! In this video we are going to share with you an asana which involves lying on your stomach Using yoga block this can be done very easily. Those with weak bladder and stomach can do this everyday. Doing this strengthens your bladder and stomach. For doing this you have to lie on your stomach. This strengthens your stomach and bladder. Those with weak bladder, please do this everyday Lie on your stomach and place the block in front of you, arm length Place your palms on the block and lower your head and face down While inhaling, lift both your legs and your head while the tummy is still on the floor, stay in this position for 5 or 10 counts. While in that posture, you need to breath normally. do not hold your breath. While exhaling come down. 2nd position is, keep the block width wise and repeat the same posture 3rd position, place the block height wise and repeat the same for 5 or 10 counts. Make sure both your hands are straight After doing this you need to relax in Makarasana. Place the right hand on the left biceps and right hand on the left biceps and spread your legs apart and feet flat on the floor sideways the inner ankles should rest and the chin should rest on the middle of your folded hands on the chin or cheeks Watch it again. Right palm on left shoulder and left palm on right shoulder Push your arms a little towards the front so that the chest is rested on the floor The inner ankles should be resting on the floor. You can rest on your chin or your cheeks. This position is called Makarasana


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