You Are Not Broken | Guided Meditation for Self-Acceptance


You do not need to be fixed. You are not
broken. Hi, I’m Caren. Welcome to this guided meditation. I think sometimes we
all need reminders, especially when we think most of the time that we need to
fix ourselves, that something’s wrong with ourselves, whether we’re struggling
with anxiety, depression, loneliness, self-confidence issues. Whatever issue it
is that we create in our lives, we experience to the fullest, and we try to
get a solution for that issue so that we can become more whole, we think. So that we can finally overcome these problems. When really yoga and meditation teaches us that the clearest path and the clear solution to any issue that we
may be facing is self-acceptance. So you are not broken. You do not need to be
fixed. What you need is to recognize your wholeness — that you’re already okay as
you are no matter what it is that you’re dealing with. For this guided meditation
I invite you onto the floor or onto a bed — anywhere where you can lie
horizontal. And if that’s just not possible right now then go ahead and
come to a seat, but I highly recommend trying this out while you are lying down.
Once you’ve found your position, arrive and close the eyes. Settle in, making any
final adjustments so that the whole self can become heavier and more relaxed into the ground. Loosen your forehead, eyes, cheeks and
mouth. We’ll take three deep breaths. On the first inhale, feel the abdomen, the
lungs, the back of the throat fill with air. Generously exhale out the mouth and
empty everything completely. And catch the fresh, spontaneous inhale, fill it all
the way up. Expand, expand, expand through the torso. Finally let it go. Become more
effortless. Deeply soften the body. On your last inhale, fill to your expansion, and then contract inward, exhale and
empty. Release the breath to a natural pace. Accept that in this moment, all you need
to do is lie down and do nothing. This is time for yourself. Permission to set
aside anything that has come before, and arrive right here and now in your body. With every passing exhalation, let the
body become more effortless. Feel the weight of the body sinking into the
floor. Relax your whole scalp, whole face. Release the shoulders and arms. Relax the rib cage and pelvis. Let the thigh bones grow heavy, knees heavy, lower legs
heavier still into the floor. Into this deeply restful place, sink your
awareness deeper beyond the surface of the skin. Feel your awareness melt right
into the center of the chest. As if you could dive deeper into the
very center of yourself. Continue that heavy, sinking inward feeling, arriving
deeper and deeper within yourself until you stop and rest in friendly expansive
space. Notice how your edges seem blurry. There
is no more boundary of yourself. There is just an expansiveness. Enjoy it. This is
your wholeness freed from every limitation, every injury, anything that
exists in the physical plane is not here with you. It is just your very spirit,
your essence unbound by the world and free to roam. Free to rest. Let go deeply into this silence and recognize yourself as peace. Remove yourself from the depth very slowly and willingly, knowing that you can return here whenever you choose. It is
always available. So for now, climb outward with your awareness. Outward to
the sounds in the room.Ooutward to the boundary of your skin. Feel the whole
body lying on the ground at peace, but now with the recognition that you can
take this with you — that you are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. Eventually, offer a bigger breath into
the lungs and deeply breathe out, letting that air travel into movement through
your fingers and your toes. And if you like, a full body stretch, reaching your
arms overhead if there’s room, and bring the knees into your chest if you’re on
your back. Roll to a side and rest here. Press yourself slowly up to a seat using
your hands, and as you arrive in a seat, open the eyes. Allow this peace and
brightness of inner being to remind you that you are whole and beautiful just as
you are. If you enjoyed this meditation, give it a like and subscribe to my
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in the comments, so share with me down below and let’s have a conversation.
Thank you for your presence. I deeply honor your light. Namaste.


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  1. henry gursky

    May 26, 2018 2:57 am

    Hey Caren! You are in Denver? Do you have a studio or practice. My daughter 31 and son 26 live there and I will be visiting them again in September. Send me a link and I'll sign into something you are offering. These little practices are fabulous Sister🙏


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