Youngest PhD Holders In History

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most times most graduates who consider
going for a postgraduate degree contemplate on whether to go or not this
can come as a result of extra years of schooling rigorous research and also the
amount of time to be spent in becoming a specialist in their field here is a list
of outstanding individuals who are currently the youngest PhD holders in
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the first to get a notification Youngest PhD holders in history one Kyle Witte
earned PhD at age 13 Kyle Witt was the youngest person to ever receive a PhD
born in 1800 and died in 1883 as a child he was used as a subject for a book
written by his father the training of the child at the age of nine wit could
speak various languages like German French Italian Latin and Greek
when Kyle got to 13 he earned a PhD at the University of Giza Germany this made
him a Guinness Book of World Record as the youngest PhD holder in the world a
record yet to be beaten two Kim Ung-Yong earned PhD at age 15 Kim Ung-Yong is a
South Korean child prodigy and held a Guinness Book for world record for
highest IQ at a score of 210 he was said to have learned both Korean alphabets
and 1000 Chinese characters when he was one
at 3 he could solve calculus problems and also published a best-selling book
by the time he got to 5 Ung Yong got enrolled at Grant High School Los
Angeles after he caught the attention of the school he also appeared on Fuji TV
in Japan and solved differential equations at 8 he went to study
nuclear physics at the University of Colorado where he graduated with a
master’s degree and later on took a job at NASA he became one of the youngest
PhD holders at the age of 15 three Balamurali Ambati earned PhD at age 17
Balamurali Ambati an Indian American ophthalmologist was an exceptional kid
as a young boy according to his parents he was already solving calculus which
most teenagers found difficult at four at eleven he co-authored a research
publication on the issue of AIDS he graduated from the New York University
at the age of 13 and then continued his study at Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York in 1995 he graduated at 17 and became the world’s youngest doctor has
seen in the Guinness Book of record four Ruth Lawrence earned PhD at age 17 Ruth
Lawrence an England born gained an o-level in mathematics and also a graded
at a-level pure mathematics at 9 in 1985 at 13 she became the youngest British
person to gain a first-class degree and also graduate from the University of
Oxford in modern times she also got another bachelor’s degree in physics the
following year at 17 she was the youngest person with a PhD in
mathematics from Oxford University before becoming a junior fellow at
Harvard University at 19 she later became an associate professor at the
University of Michigan five Norbert Wiener earned PhD at age 17
Norbert Wiener the German born in Colombia was also a child prodigy
Norbert was homeschooled by his father as a young boy on mathematics at 11 he
graduated from a a high school and then entered Tufts College now called Tufts
University in 1909 he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at the
age of 14 Norbert did not immediately pursue the other advanced level
education within the field he started studying zoology and philosophy before
turning his focus back to mathematics in 1912 at 17 he earned his PhD as the
youngest PhD in the history of Harvard University here you go stay tuned as we
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