Your Vibrations Create The First Impression: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)


If everyone has different thoughts in the same situation Then what are our thoughts dependent on? Looking at this what was the first thought you created? Pot? Just see, they did not look at the flowers at all. Different. Everybody will be different. Anybody else wants to say anything about this? It is simple, there is nothing special about it. Very good. Anything else? Colour combination is nice? Yes. I didn’t even think of it. Anything else? Perfect. We are praising it so much although it is made of plastic. Yes, it is artificial. Anything else? Same situation. What happens now is, one person says – It is so soothing. Second person will say – It is just okay. The third person will say – It is artificial. This will create misunderstanding between the three. There will be a misunderstanding because in the same situation The three of them are creating very different thoughts. One person will not be able to understand other person’s perspective. Forget liking the other’s opinion, they cannot even understand the other person’s perspective. The person who finds it ordinary will ask the other one – What is so special about it? I cannot understand why you like it. And that person will reply – I cannot understand how you cannot like it. So we tell them – I just don’t understand you. They will say – I also don’t understand you. So we created the next equation – Misunderstanding is natural. And if this happens between a parent and child, third equation is created as Generation gap is natural. A lot of things which are not natural – by labelling them as Natural We have kept those ill beliefs in our life by calling them natural. We keep saying this is natural, that is natural. Let’s change the first equation today. Who is creating my thoughts? Who is creating my thoughts? Say it confidently. If you cannot say it today, how can you practice it tomorrow at workplace? Who is creating my thoughts? I. Who is creating my words? Who said – The atmosphere around me? The atmosphere around me is creating my thoughts? We are thinking of the situation. Who is creating our thought? Who is creating our thought? This hall, this curtain, this chair – this is the situation. We create thoughts about them. But can this chair create my thoughts? No. So who is creating the thought? This is the environment. This is me. Who will create thoughts about the environment? Think it over. Right now I am speaking. Who is creating your thoughts? I am part of your environment at this moment. And you are thinking. No problem, please say it. Every answer is right. I am speaking so I am the situation now. You are thinking. So who is creating your thoughts? Who creates your thoughts? There is this I inside, and there is everything else outside. Whether it is media, social media, your wife, your children Your colleagues, your city Anything outside of the ‘I’. So one is I and one is outside. Which means one is inner world and one is outer world. The outer world is not in my control. We only need to check if the inner world is in our control or not. Who is creating your thoughts right now? Do you create it or does your environment create it? We create thoughts about situations around us. Who is creating them? Sure it is you? Situations create your thoughts or you create your thoughts? You create them. This is what we have been discussing. Now it’s fine. The moment we say – We get influenced by the situation and create thoughts Then we will ignore our responsibility and blame it on the situation, that we got influenced by it. Obviously we get influenced by the situation Only because there is a situation there is a thought created. But if we say – the thought is because of the situation Then who are we going to blame for our thoughts? Situation. Where do we give away all our power? To the situation. Which is not true. Because in that case we give away all our power to the situation. Now we will just set right that equation And then enter every situation of life. Whether it is an insignificant situation or the biggest crisis of life It has nothing to do with situation. But when the equation is set right Then whether it is a small situation Even then who is creating my thoughts? I, myself. Or even in the biggest crisis of life, who is creating my thoughts? I, myself. If I believe situation is creating my thoughts Then we don’t do anything. We will only keep reacting to every situation. And what will our reaction be dependent on? Quality of the situation. Which means if this person talks lovingly to me It means my situation is nice. How did I respond? I spoke back lovingly. I did not have to make efforts for it. I only responded to the quality of the situation. Next, this person spoke to me even more lovingly. So I also spoke to them more lovingly. Because my situation was very nice. But once I got into the habit of responding this way Suppose the next person just does not talk to me properly. So how did I respond? I also spoke in the same way. Which means we stopped choosing and using my power. We only started reacting as per the situation. And because we started reacting according to the situation We did not use our power When we do not use any power that we have What happens to that power? It keeps reducing. Simple. Until a few years ago when we did not have technology We knew everyone’s phone number by memory. We remembered everybody’s birthday by memory. It was a power with us. We had that power. Ask anybody’s birthday and we would remember. But today social media reminds us every morning about whose birthday it is, that day. Technology is used to store phone numbers also. So we are no longer having to remember people’s phone numbers. Show the things which we would do by ourselves, about 20 years ago Today we are unable to do it Why are we unable to do it? Because we haven’t used that power in a while. Today if we decide that we will not store anybody’s number on our gadgets Instead, we will remember it by memory and dial that number Don’t you think we will get that power? Yes, we will. It is simple. It is our power. If we keep using, it will keep increasing. If we don’t use it, it will keep weakening. Simple. So when we were reacting according to the situation We stopped using the power to choose Because of our reaction What happened to the power of ‘I’? It started reducing. When my power started reducing Even if someone was being nice to me My power to respond well was reducing. So we looked at them and thought – What do they want from me? Why are they being so nice? Because our power had been decreasing Doubt became natural, fear became natural The world said – Don’t trust anyone, by trusting people you will only get deceived. So even if someone was genuine, we started doubting them. And the more we started doubting, the more our power reduced. Also, we are not able to let go of matters from the past. We take one minute to recall what we ate for breakfast today. But 10 years ago what did someone say? We remember it instantly. We are unable to let go of forget bitter past. So what happened to Soul power? It kept decreasing. We held onto so much emotional weight. Only because of one equation That what happens here is dependent on the situation. Spirituality changes the situations in our mind. Spirituality gives us clarity That whatever happens here – who is its creator? I, myself. The situation in front of us can be small. For example, we reached late to this event due to traffic. Or it can be a situation as big as death in the family. Situations can be as wide as a spectrum But once the equation is set Then you will remain stable even in the small situation. And by repeatedly staying stable in small situations What happens to the power of ‘I’? It keeps increasing. As its power keeps on increasing Suppose suddenly there is a very big situation comes in front of us What would our habit be, by then? That no matter what the situation is, I need to take care here and respond with stability. What would we have experienced by then? That by remaining stable every situation can be crossed smoothly. But where should we practice remaining stable? In the small, small situations of life. Big situations come very rarely in life. How many big situations do you think will come? Of course it’s a different matter about what we classify as big or small. Because when our power is less Then even small situations seem to be very big. If I have less power, this chair will seem too heavy for me. If I increase my strength, in 15 days from now the same chair will seem light. But we don’t say that my power is less or my power is more. Instead, we say either the chair is heavy or the chair is light. So, very rarely we are taking responsibility upon ourselves. Because our attention is not even going here. The matter was so serious so how will I forget what happened? So we repeatedly tell ourselves How will I forget what happened with me? How will I forget what they did to me? Even people are around us tell us – how can you ever forget it? So we will never be able to forget it. Because we are repeating that thinking. And the more we repeated that thinking What happened to the power of ‘I’? It kept reducing. Now I choose how to respond. How do you want to respond in every situation? Because once we realise that I create The next step is that I choose what to create. Even if someone is wrong to me, even if their mistake is serious I choose whether I should also do wrong to them – that is one option. Second option is, I choose that I should not do wrong to them I don’t want to do anything wrong. But I will say that feeling bad is natural. This is second choice. Third option – I choose that neither will I do wrong to them Nor think wrong about them Instead I will pray for them and bless them. This is another choice I have. This is also a choice. Since I was creating them, I could see so many options. Sister came to the centre sometime back. Her age might be 40 now. She said – when I was 5 years old, someone did such a terribly wrong thing with me. It was so wrong that I could not forget what they did, all my life. I started hating myself Sometimes I would feel guilty Sometimes I would hate my parents. (She was a young girl, so she recorded on her mind that her parents did not help her.) So I would feel my parents did not take care of me I would not trust people. I would feel nobody is nice. That girl lived with this pain for 35 years. And then when she started practicing meditation and realised That what the other person did with me was undoubtedly wrong. And they did it 35 years ago. But for the last 35 years who has been wrong with me? She said – I have been wrong to myself. I had the power 35 years ago itself, I could set things right in my mind I could have made the next 35 years of my life nicer. Of course, that day she did that. Since she did it that day, the rest of her life will be fine. Otherwise the pain of what happened that day We hold onto it in the mind And it affects our present. And our present will affect our future. That is why, it is so important to take care of the ‘I’. Because it is affecting every aspect of our life. So first equation is – I create my thoughts. Second equation is – I choose what to create. Because once we realise it is our creation Then we can start choosing. Isn’t it? We will no longer say – Since they did this, it was natural to feel bad. We will say – They did this. But how I should feel is my choice. When responsibility came back here, when power came back here, then even my choice came back here. If someone does not behave right with us We have a choice how to behave in response. What will our choice depend on, about how to behave with them? On what basis will the ‘I’ choose a response? What do we want in life? We want happiness, health Harmony in relationships. We want peace. Yes. We want it everything to be nice here (mind), we want it here (body), and we want it here (relationships). For everything to be right outside, I need to respond right from here. Then, no matter what the situation is No matter how people behave with me I need to remember at that moment That for my happiness, health and relationships, I am going to respond the right way. People around us will tell us They were not right to you. Why should you be right to them in return? Tell yourself – I choose. Because we are not going to reflect other people’s behaviours back to them. The more frequently you keep saying – I choose, I choose… And you keep choosing the right response How will your state of mind remain? Stable, easy. You will get a closure on matters quickly. You will think good for everyone and remain light here. When you remain light, you will take less time to complete your tasks. Most importantly you will save time. The lighter and cleaner we are How will our vibrations be? When we are light and when we are clean, how will our vibrations be? They will be clean. When we meet people All of you are from Marketing and Sales teams. Who do you work with, throughout the day? With other people. Today what aspects are we focusing on? What do we focus on? Physical appearance. Very good. It’s important. What else? Smiling behaviour. Okay. Have you met someone who has a smiling behaviour, speaks perfect words, Presentation is excellent but you don’t enjoy their vibrations. Does that happen? Yes. Our Energy field is the first level of communication. The first level of communication is not defined by our words or behaviour. No. When two people meet Before they even smile Before they even say a word They have not even spoken a word But when two people meet each other Suppose you go to meet a client and you have just met that person First of all, both of their energy fields meet. But we are focused on external aspects But I don’t focus on the first level of communication with my client Which is my Energy field. Even if you speak very well, if your Energy field has negative energy If your karma is not very right, if you have done something wrong with someone All that energy is trapped here in your Energy field. So the other person will not feel like trusting you. Your presentation will be perfect. Whatever you are trying to sell, you are 100% convinced about it. But your vibration has the energy of your earlier karmas. It has the energy of your Sanskars. When they listen to your presentation Their head will tell them – Yes, what he is saying is right. But their mind will say – But still, let me check with someone else too. Conviction, authenticity and credibility don’t come from your words. Another possibility is that you may not be very great at speaking. You may not be able to deliver excellent presentations like how your colleagues do. But your vibration is so clean Your karmas are so pure Even before you speak, when your Energy field reaches the other person The client will say – I trust this person. Once this impact is created on the other person That I trust this person Thereafter you don’t need to make efforts in your presentation. Marketing and sales happen through your Energy field. What Energy field do you carry? What Vibes do you carry?


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  1. Priti Vishwakarma

    December 8, 2019 11:36 am

    I'm the creator of my own emotions😊
    🙏Respected Shri BK Shivani Maa💞💖😊🙇🙏
    🙏🙇🙏OM SHANTI🙏🙇🙏

  2. divine agnihotri

    December 8, 2019 11:39 am

    Thanks sister
    I am sure I will reach that state but don't know how?
    I Really want to change completely but old Sankar pains me too much।

  3. Sandeep Lal

    December 8, 2019 12:35 pm

    Om shanti. It was really an eye opening that day. But It's again same way started as was earlier my mental condition

  4. Srabani Bose

    December 8, 2019 12:46 pm

    Om shanti sister shivani.Beautiful explanation,l recognize the power of real l…what is stable,strong,n powerful.It's me ,the soul.

  5. Meenakshi Koshy

    December 8, 2019 12:49 pm

    Om shanti to you sis. Thank you for sharing this video on Your Vibrations Create The First Impression. You are saying a very right thing that we are all different in all the ways. You are asking who creates the thought? It's we who create. Environment doesn't create our thoughts. Situation doesn't create either. Equation must me accurate. We keep reacting to the situation. But how long can we keep our powers unused. Very true sis. But I remember phone numbers of my near ones. I try to occupy my mind. Thanking God and you sis Shivani by your videos. You are my inspiration. Let's make others also to improve. Thank you sis. Have a nice evening ahead. God keep you blessed🙏👏🍁🌹💐🌟😊

  6. Anshul Gupta

    December 8, 2019 1:58 pm

    Sister, your videos are very helpful for me in transformation of my inner Life into positive way. I abled to reduce the conflict in relationship in my life.

  7. pooja goswami

    December 8, 2019 4:15 pm

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    December 8, 2019 7:27 pm

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  9. Srihari Paramesh

    December 9, 2019 12:59 am

    I understand that I am the creator of my thoughts & feelings but I’m not able to change those depressed feelings. I have no control over my thoughts & feelings. How do you gain control over your mind. I feel that my mind is controlling me.

  10. Urvashi Mehta

    December 9, 2019 1:45 am

    ऊँ शान्ति। Very convincing. Extremely logically explained. I will remember that my response to every situation/ person is responsible for my peace of mind, my happiness and my relationships and therefore to preserve all 3 I am independent to choose being positive always irrespective to the quality of situations or people’s behaviour with me.
    Thanks 🙏

  11. Nivedita Sutar

    December 9, 2019 2:04 am

    I feel positive every morning I listen Sister Shivani,it gives me pure and strong energy for whole day.

  12. Sunil Chhapola

    December 9, 2019 2:09 am

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  13. Shivani Mehran

    December 9, 2019 6:10 am

    Om shanti, I understood what are you saying about reflexing of positive vibration that is the very first impact. But how do I know and feel that the other person is giving negative vibes along with cunning pre planned sweet words? I'm very poor on judging ppl i just believe on them just bcz of their fine behaviour then latter on I was cheated by them and sometimes I feel insecure from those whom I just met few hours ago..
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    December 9, 2019 6:23 am

    Thank you once again for sharing the wisdom of sister Shivani 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️
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  16. Raj Creations

    December 9, 2019 6:34 am

    I am creator of my thoughts, my emotions and finally my destiny. Neither a situation nor a person is responsible for my state of mind. It's only me.

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    December 9, 2019 6:58 am

    Peace upon all, shivani g, fo rgiveness is essential for forgetting,ignoring? Kindly talk about forgiveness? Thanks

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    I completely agree with you sister. Everywhere I go , even if I try to smile and be friendly with people , nobody responds with me . I don’t have friends or people who like me . I feel it may be reflection of my negative aura .

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