Youtube Guided Meditation: Contact & Meet Angels, Healing, Blessings & Messages (Guided Meditation)

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You can visit the angels anytime you like. There is no limit to the amount of times you can visit the worlds of the angels. You have already met your guardian angels. Now it is time to meet some more. Sometimes there are special angels that come for short periods of time during your life, for specific tasks. For instance, if you have just had a child there are particular angels who come to help with parenting and understanding the parent – child relationship. Perhaps you are starting a new career. Certain angels can come and help with that career. These are angels that specialize in various areas and go from human to human as they are needed. You will meet some of these angels in your journeys to visit the angels. First, quiet your mind. Bring your mind to a quiet place. Calm the emotional body taking some deep breaths, and letting your human condition go for the moment. All human affairs disappearing into the nothingness for now. Relax all the muscles in your body and be at ease. Feel your angels around you now, the guardian angels that you have met. Imagine them on each side of you. They are surrounding you with bright light. This might be golden light, or pink light, or white light. They are preparing you to visit the angelic realms, purifying you. Now you feel yourself begin to be lifted, an angel on each elbow. You are lifted out of the Earth plane. It is not that you are just going high above the Earth, but you are moving into another dimension, leaving the physical universe. As you are lifted you feel joy, peace, happiness. You can feel comfortable for you are in good hands. You are safe. You will feel a shift when you are passing to the angelic realms. You will feel as if you pass through some sort of membrane. After you pass through the barriers between the dimensions there is light all around you in every color. You may feel blinded by the light it is so bright. There is a feeling of joy and there is a feeling of ecstasy everywhere. As your inner vision becomes accustomed to the angelic realms you will begin to see things. The first thing you see is a great temple, a beautiful building, a greeting place for visitors. Study the building. Observe everything about it. What does the great temple look like to you for it is a different temple for every person. It takes whatever form is beautiful to you. Your guardian angels lead you up the steps and in through the front doors. Inside there is a great courtyard. There is beautiful celestial music in the courtyard and many angels are there. They turn to look at you because not many humans visit. Humans have not figured out that they can yet. There is excitement about meeting you. Many of the angels come toward you with love in their eyes welcoming you. This is a gathering place for angels where they can rest and take sanctuary. You can too. for you are simply an angel that has taken human form. You have been here before. Many of them recognize you and call you by name. They are not higher than you or more advanced. They are your equals. They are your friends, spirits you have known before, before you incarnated as a human. There is much light swirling around the courtyard between all the hearts. Observe the beauty. You can talk with the angels. Pick one to talk with first. How is he or she dressed? What is his or her specialty? Is this one a guardian angel or a specializing angel? Does this angel have a name? What was his or her last assignment? How well did it go? If this angel specializes in an area that you could use help with ask him or her if he or she would come and visit you and be one of your helper friends in your lifetime on Earth. Thank this one for conversing with you. There are several angels around you who want to meet you. So ask the next one what he or she specializes in. Does this angel have a name? How did it’s last assignment go? What is it’s next assignment? If this angel specializes in an area that you could use help in ask this angel if it would like to come and be with you on Earth for a little while. Move through this process with several more angels asking them their name, their specialties and how they liked their last assignment. Take a moment for this now. Now you are going to get an extra treat. The angels would like to show you their world. This is just the entrance temple but there is so much more. Several of these angels who are particularly attracted to you begin to lift you up and your guardian angels come along as well happy for you that you are having this experience. You are lifted up above the courtyard up into the sky, and you catch your first glimpse of what the angelic worlds look like. The funny thing about the angelic realms is is that they look different to everyone. Of course there are many sections that look quite different from one section to the next. What do the angelic realms look like to you. You might be blind at first but allow your inner vision to adjust by relaxing your mind and emotions As you fly through the angelic realms, carried upon the wings of these beautiful beings, it all becomes clear and more detailed. Each of these areas of the angelic realms are highly populated and you will see angels go about their activities. Some may notice you. Some may not . Either way, just observe. You begin to enter one of these sections now. It may look Earth-like in this area. Fully take in the Earth-like paradise. The beautiful rainbows, the flowers, and creatures. The sparkles of sunlight everywhere. Now they are carrying you to the next section and now you must truly relax your mind and emotions in order to see it, for it is quiet different from anything you have ever seen before. This section is filled with beautiful light and rays pulsing. Observe the beauty of this area. What is the purpose of this section? Perhaps it is record keeping, perhaps it is answering prayers, Perhaps it is an area where there is training for guardian angels or specializing angels. What is the purpose of this section of the angelic realms? Now you move on to the next section. What does this place look like to you, and what is the purpose of this place? What kind of angels are there? Visit yet another section. What is going on there? What are the structures there? and what kind of light is there? What is the purpose of this place? and what kind of angels are there? let the angels show you however many sections they would like They are moving you through them quickly in this moment just so you can see them all, but you can come back and spend time in any one of them if you would like. The angels are simply giving you the quick tour right now so that you can see where you would like to return. Let the angels show you everything they can for a few moments. Notice how vast this place is. You are familiar with these places because this is where you came from before you came to Earth. Now it is time to come back. Fall back into the arms of the angels and you don’t have to travel anywhere. You simply reappear on the Earth, fully and completely. Your guardian angels are standing around you so happy for you. Visit any section you would like to see again. You are welcome to return to the angelic realms.


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