Yungdrung Bon Guru Yoga 雍仲本教 上师相应法 上师瑜伽 Eng Sub

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Ways of Connecting With The Guru Here, let us talk about Guru Yoga Here, let us discuss about Guru Yoga Guru Yoga How do we recite Guru Yoga Recitation Please let me first recite CHI TSUG DE-WA CHEN PÖ PHO DRANG DU DRIN CHÄN TSA WAI LA MA LA SOL WA DEB SANG GYE SEM SU TÖN PA RIN PO CHE RANG NGO RANG GI SHE-PAR JHIN JHI LOB CHI TSUG DE-WA CHEN PÖ PHO DRANG DU DRIN CHÄN TSA WAI LA MA LA SOL WA DEB SANG GYE SEM SU TÖN PA RIN PO CHE RANG NGO RANG GI SHE-PAR JHIN JHI LOB CHI TSUG DE-WA CHEN PÖ PHO DRANG DU DRIN CHÄN TSA WAI LA MA LA SOL WA DEB SANG GYE SEM SU TÖN PA RIN PO CHE RANG NGO RANG GI SHE-PAR JHIN JHI LOB What does this mean? This is an important teaching It said From the Palace of Great Bliss on the crown of my head Praying to my Root Guru Guide me Guide me to going back to suchness at the wish-fulfilling jewel inside my heart Please grant me the blessing that i know my true self I may recognize my true own nature /know my true self Is that we are capable of knowing our self by our self Why say that we can know our self by our self? Wishing Er, is it that we don’t know ourselves? Don’t know who we are? We don’t know what is our name? Is not that The teaching said our name came later Our family are also came later My everything Whose (mine / relative / friends) son and daughter are also came later Then slowly and slowly became Whichever kindergarten the children sign up was also came later Then slowly you grown up, went to whatever school Finally , slowly and slowly I chose this and that courses to study Next I became tie up with other family Slowly and slowly i take up another role Slowly and slowly became I am the husband / wife of another person Slowly and slowly becoming Our self identity is changing Again , become another person parents, as a father or mother Finally, we became old Became Grandma and Grandpa You see We Exist The way of existence (being) The definition of existence (being) Covering / Putting up our name (role), our entire identity has already changes so many times if we want to introduce our self (asking who am I) Other than this, what other ways can we introduce our self You said is my hometown or my name or my profession Except for all these We never truly know ourselves But All these identities cannot truly represent ourselves These are all short lived (temporary) identities For temporary, in order to perceive in order to introduce our self in order to let our self Temporarily for a brief moment I can know (recognize) myself In order to introduce our self to other people For the purpose of communicating with the society and the world It was a momentary action to provide proof only We are still continuously regardless of how long we have live, how old are we We still continuously do not really know ourselves That’s why over here, in this teaching, we pray Please grant me the blessing that I can know myself by myself ( I may recognize my own nature) This is a very mysterious teaching So It says, in this teaching Who is it that can help us to open up and give us inspiration and introduce true self to our self that person is your root guru The root guru whom give you guidance That is the person who point the direction Because , since the beginning of time until now we have been clouded by all these external identities we have been blinded from our true self blinded from our true self Because of that, we are unable to sense our true self And we keep on And the projection continues to implant a lot into our cognition (understanding) Although some of these cognition have short term purposes Have a role to played within the limited scope However, these cognition does not serve the root purposes have not served the root / real purposes For that reason, knowing myself the desire / willingness to know myself by myself This is a radical explanation of our spiritual foundation Unveiling the fundamental source of our real being And then, the fundamental source of this real being where is it It is in this present moment It is in our instantaneously,arising consciousness Rising instantaneously, a kind of hearing sense Rising instantaneously, a kind of vision sense Rising instantaneously in everything Eye, ear, tongue and body in combination for exercising judgement for forming conscious conclusion of the cognition And then these momentary knowledge is constantly perceiving constantly judging constantly deciding At this time this type of teaching will inspire us We constantly decide on all these form / awareness based on our ideology (habit) These ways of perceiving things Are all these method of perceiving belongs to you? Or coming from other people what if you lose all these foundation, background, what happen next What is behind this background or foundation, what is the possibility The type of background where you have not make any marking or indicator what will it look like? what is the possibility? The type of sky where you did not make any marking or indicator what will it look like? what is the possibility? That is the reason over here this teaching reveals this self purification method this self purification, first of all we need willpower then we need to know some basic information about the teaching only then we will become interested only then we will be yearning Therefore, before yearning is to know first After knowing more For example, a lot of people come to Tibet, these people know Tibet It is possible to go online or whatever to get more information After knowing After knowing, only they feel Tibet is the right place to go You see, the decision making process is the same So it has an antecedent is the same with this firstly ,we look at ourselves, the one that has not been contaminated the self that has not been marked before the pure self After gaining a little understanding Only then we will slowly enter the journey of self examination get to know the process of self-knowing At this time We need to keep going towards our primordial nature The primordial nature, primordial state, we wish the root Guru can reveal to me such a state of mind Allows me to realize my true self Allows me to completely sense my true self Not the disguised self Not the self-imposing self Not the self that has been packaged by the external But it is, the one without the past The one prior to all these wrap-ups The one underneath all these background processes The one prior to being covered or masked The one prior to being drawn marking The one that is original (pure) The one that is Pure, Primitive, Profound, Marvelous That State of Mind That could be the horizon of every life That could be The most mysterious roots of every life if we can focus on that state of mind if we can settle down in that state of mind That is absolute, complete, a type of self purification Then at the same time it does not create or fabricate towards the benefit of and sharing for all sentient being Encompassing everything For that reason We call it the Perfection Teaching Then this kind of perfection teaching if it is to be realized We must keep practicing Imagine the White Light Buddha in front of you together with your root lama combined as one The White Light Buddha and Root Lama combines all the powers of the world and showed to me All my own ideals are complete and wonderful And then it keeps activating me I keep combining with The White Light Buddha and Root Lama Together, we have formed a perfect union In this perfect combination I keep sending out My inner voice, my wishes, my messages At this time, finally, the White Light Buddha together with me, combine into one, full integration During the integration process, I will try to experience and focus on The sweetest part This integration process will give us the warmest experience The dwelling of the wisest Try to settle / stay in that state of mind Then, from time to time, we review the aftertaste The aftertaste of this state of mind Feel this state of mind from time to time And then let it incorporates into our daily life Let it incorporates into our work Let it incorporates into our world At a time like this, uh, it is both clear You will be in a state that is not contaminated by anything. You can accomplish anything Even in secular world Or Beyond the secular world, (Transcendental) It’s all within the range. Let me do it in this way. Let me give a brief lecture on the nine Ngöndro practices


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